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5 People Who Should Not Cruise Carnival

Discover the 5 types of people who may not enjoy cruising with Carnival Cruise Line. From those who love tablecloths to people who don’t fancy kids, find out who might not have the best time cruising with Carnival. Don’t miss out on important insights before booking your next cruise adventure!

Carnival Should Ban This Couple?

Join Tony from La Lido Loca as he discusses whether Carnival should ban a couple caught engaging in inappropriate activities on a recent cruise. Share your thoughts on public displays of affection and how cruise lines should handle such situations.

A Girl’s Trip on the Carnival Cruise

Embark on a thrilling adventure with “A Girl’s Trip on the Carnival Cruise.” Join Getina as she celebrates birthdays and explores the ship, indulges in delicious meals, and experiences the beautiful Bahamas. Watch the video and set sail on a journey of a lifetime!