Essential Items to Pack for a Disney Cruise

Are you getting excited for your upcoming Disney Cruise? The anticipation of setting sail on an unforgettable adventure is truly exhilarating. As you prepare for your trip, it’s vital to ensure that you have everything you need packed and ready to go. From sunscreen and comfortable shoes to Mickey Mouse ears and autograph books, this article will guide you through the essential items to pack for a Disney Cruise. So, grab your packing list and let’s make sure you’re fully equipped for a magical voyage on the high seas!

Essential Items to Pack for a Disney Cruise

Essential Clothing

Formal Attire

When packing for a Disney cruise, it’s important to include some formal attire for the elegant evenings on board. For adults, this would typically mean dressy outfits such as a cocktail dress or a suit and tie. Children can also dress up in pretty dresses or smart attire. Remember to pack comfortable shoes to go with your formal outfits.

Casual Clothes

For the majority of your Disney cruise vacation, casual clothes will be the way to go. T-shirts, shorts, skirts, and comfortable pants are all great options. Don’t forget to pack enough underwear and socks for the duration of your trip. It’s always a good idea to pack a few extra layers like lightweight jackets or sweaters, as the temperature can vary onboard and in port.


With pools, waterslides, and beautiful beaches to enjoy, swimwear is an absolute must-pack item for a Disney cruise. Bring a few bathing suits, cover-ups, and swim trunks for each member of your party. It’s always a good idea to pack a beach towel as well, although the cruise line provides towels for use at the pools and on Castaway Cay.

Rain Gear

While we all hope for sunny skies during our Disney cruise, it’s essential to be prepared for unexpected rain showers. Pack lightweight rain jackets or ponchos that can easily fit into your day bag. This way, you can continue to explore the ship or venture ashore without getting wet and uncomfortable.

Comfortable Shoes

A Disney cruise involves a lot of walking, whether it’s exploring the ship, exploring ports, or participating in on-board activities. Be sure to pack comfortable shoes that you can walk comfortably in for extended periods. Sneakers, sandals, and slip-on shoes are all great options for both adults and children.

Toiletries and Personal Care

Travel-sized Toiletries

To save space in your luggage, opt for travel-sized toiletries. These convenient small-sized products are readily available at drugstores and online. Bring travel-sized toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and any other personal care items you may need during your cruise. Remember, the cruise ship will provide basic toiletries in your stateroom, so it’s not necessary to bring full-sized items.


Protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful rays is crucial when enjoying the outdoor activities on a Disney cruise. Pack a sunscreen with a high SPF rating and apply it generously before heading out for a day in the sun. Don’t forget to reapply regularly, especially after swimming or sweating.


If you or any member of your party takes medication regularly, ensure you have an ample supply for the duration of your cruise. It’s always a good idea to carry extra medication in case of unforeseen delays or emergencies. Keep all medications in their original packaging and bring a copy of your prescriptions, just in case.

First Aid Kit

Though the cruise ship will have medical facilities and staff available, it’s always wise to have a basic first aid kit for minor injuries and ailments. Pack items such as band-aids, adhesive tape, antiseptic cream, pain relievers, and any personal medications or medical supplies you may need.

Hair Care Products

For those with specific hair care routines, don’t forget to pack your favorite hair care products. Bring travel-sized bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and any styling products you may need. If you prefer to use certain brands that may not be available on the ship, it’s essential to bring them along.

Dental Care Products

Maintaining good oral hygiene is just as important on a cruise as it is at home. Pack travel-sized toothbrushes, toothpaste, and dental floss for each member of your party. If you have orthodontic appliances or any special dental care needs, be sure to bring the necessary products to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

Makeup and Skincare

Many people enjoy wearing makeup and taking care of their skin, even while on vacation. Pack your favorite makeup products, including foundation, concealer, mascara, and lipstick. Don’t forget to bring your skincare essentials such as cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen specifically designed for the face.

Electronics and Entertainment

Camera and Accessories

Capturing the magical moments of your Disney cruise is a must, so be sure to pack a camera or smartphone with a good quality camera. Bring extra batteries or a portable charger to ensure you don’t miss any photo opportunities. If you have additional camera accessories such as lenses or tripods, consider bringing them along as well.

Portable Charger

With so many electronic devices that we rely on these days, having a portable charger is a convenient way to keep them powered up throughout the day. Whether it’s your smartphone, tablet, or e-reader, a portable charger will ensure you can stay connected and entertained without worrying about battery life.

Stateroom Power Strip

Cruise ship cabins often have limited power outlets, and with so many devices requiring charging, it’s a good idea to pack a power strip. This will allow you to charge multiple devices simultaneously. Make sure the power strip is cruise-approved and adheres to the ship’s safety guidelines.

e-Readers or Books

For those who love to read, an e-reader or a few good books are a perfect addition to your cruise packing list. They’re compact and lightweight, taking up minimal space in your luggage. Whether you prefer the feel of a physical book or the convenience of an e-reader, be sure to bring some reading material for relaxing moments onboard.

Tablet or Laptop

While it’s a vacation and disconnecting can be a great idea, some people may need to stay connected or work remotely while on a Disney cruise. If you need to bring a tablet or laptop, be sure to pack it securely in your carry-on bag and ensure you have any necessary chargers or cables.

Portable Speaker

If you enjoy listening to music while on vacation or want to have your own dance party in your stateroom, packing a portable speaker is a fantastic idea. Bluetooth speakers are lightweight, easy to use, and can enhance the ambiance of any gathering or personal relaxation time.

Documents and Travel Essentials

Passport or ID

One of the most crucial items to remember when going on a Disney cruise is your passport or other valid identification documents. This is especially important if your cruise includes international ports of call. Ensure that all passports are valid for at least six months after your intended return date.

Travel Insurance

Although travel insurance is optional, it’s highly recommended. It provides peace of mind in case of trip cancellations, medical emergencies, or lost luggage. Compare different travel insurance policies and choose one that best suits your needs and travel plans.

Cruise Itinerary

Having a printed copy of your Disney cruise itinerary is helpful for reference throughout your trip. It will remind you of the scheduled activities, dining reservations, and ports of call. Keep it in a safe place and refer to it as needed.

Money and Cards

When traveling, it’s essential to have a mix of payment options. Bring some cash for small purchases or tips, as well as credit cards or traveler’s checks for larger expenses. Make sure to inform your bank of your travel plans to avoid any issues while using your cards abroad.

Snorkel or Dive Gear

If you plan on snorkeling or diving during your Disney cruise, it may be worth considering bringing your own gear. While the cruise line does provide equipment for rent or purchase, having your own snorkel, mask, and fins can enhance your experience. However, make sure they don’t take up too much luggage space.


Binoculars can be a great addition to your packing list, especially if you plan on doing some wildlife spotting or taking in the breathtaking views during your cruise. They can come in handy when exploring the ports or enjoying scenic cruising. Compact binoculars are easy to pack and won’t weigh you down.

Maps and Guidebooks

For those who like to explore independently at the ports of call, having maps and guidebooks can be invaluable. Research the ports you will be visiting and gather information on popular attractions, local customs, and recommended restaurants. Having this knowledge will enhance your shore excursion experience.

Essential Items to Pack for a Disney Cruise

Kids and Baby Items

Diapers and Wipes

If you’re traveling with a baby or toddler, pack enough diapers and wipes for the duration of your cruise. While the ship does have diapers and wipes available for purchase, they may not carry your preferred brand or size.

Formula and Baby Food

For parents with infants who are not yet eating solid food, don’t forget to pack enough formula or breast milk for the duration of your cruise. If your baby has begun eating baby food, bring a sufficient supply, keeping in mind any specific dietary requirements.


A lightweight, collapsible stroller is a great tool for parents to have during the cruise. It makes it easier to navigate around the ship and simplifies shore excursions. Check with the cruise line beforehand to understand any size restrictions or guidelines for bringing strollers.

Baby Carrier

A baby carrier or sling is an alternative to a stroller and is perfect for keeping your hands free while exploring the ship or ports of call. It also offers closeness and comfort for your little one, helping them relax and enjoy the surroundings.

Child Safety Items

Packing child safety items such as outlet covers, corner protectors, and cabinet locks are essential if you have young children. These small items can go a long way in creating a safe environment for your little ones during the cruise.

Entertainment and Toys

To keep your kids entertained during downtime or while traveling, bring a few of their favorite toys or activities. From stuffed animals to coloring books, having familiar items on hand can help ease any travel anxiety and boredom.

Kids’ Life Jackets

While Disney cruise ships have life jackets available for children, parents may prefer to bring their own. If your child is more comfortable in a specific type or size of life jacket, it’s a good idea to pack it for added peace of mind.

Onboard Essentials

Backpack or Day Pack

Having a backpack or day pack is essential for keeping your daily essentials organized and easily accessible. Use it to carry items such as your camera, sunscreen, water bottle, snacks, and any other small items you’ll need throughout the day.

Reusable Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is important, especially when spending time under the sun on a Disney cruise. Bring a reusable water bottle to ensure you always have water on hand. Most ships have water refill stations throughout the ship to make it easy to stay hydrated.

Seasickness Remedies

If you’re prone to motion sickness or unsure how you’ll handle being at sea, it’s a good idea to pack some seasickness remedies. From over-the-counter medications to natural remedies like ginger candies or acupressure wristbands, find what works best for you and bring it along just in case.

Motion Sickness Wristbands

Motion sickness wristbands can be a lifesaver for those susceptible to seasickness. These bands apply pressure to specific acupressure points on your wrist, helping to alleviate nausea and dizziness. Pack them in your carry-on or day bag so they’re readily available if needed.

Snacks and Drinks

While meals are provided on a Disney cruise, having some snacks and drinks on hand can be a lifesaver, especially for kids. Pack some non-perishable snacks such as granola bars, trail mix, and crackers to have when hunger strikes between meals.

Laundry Bag

A laundry bag may not be the most exciting item to pack, but it’s a practical essential. Use it to separate dirty clothes from clean ones, making it easier to stay organized throughout your cruise. Having a designated place to store your laundry will also make unpacking once you’re back home a breeze.

Travel Locks

To provide an extra layer of security for your belongings, consider packing travel locks. These small combination locks can be used to secure your luggage, as well as lock up valuables in your stateroom safe. They offer peace of mind knowing that your items are safely locked away while you’re out and about.

Essential Items to Pack for a Disney Cruise

Beach and Pool Gear

Beach Towels

While the cruise line provides towels for use at the pools and on Castaway Cay, it’s always a good idea to pack a few extra beach towels. These can be used for lounging on deck, sunbathing on the beach, or sitting on during your shore excursions.

Beach Bag

A spacious and sturdy beach bag is essential for carrying all your beach and pool essentials. Pack it with sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, extra clothes, and anything else you’ll need for a day of fun in the sun.

Sun Hat

To protect yourself from the sun’s rays, bring a wide-brimmed hat or a baseball cap. Not only will it shield your face from the sun, but it will also add a stylish touch to your beach or pool ensemble.

Flip Flops or Sandals

Invest in a comfortable and water-resistant pair of flip flops or sandals for those beach and poolside adventures. These shoes are easy to slip on and off, keeping your feet cool and protected from hot sand or deck surfaces.

Beach Toys

If you’re traveling with little ones, bringing a few beach toys will keep them entertained and allow them to unleash their creativity in the sand. Think buckets, shovels, sand molds, and anything else that will enhance their beach playtime.

Waterproof Bag

To protect your valuables from water damage, consider packing a waterproof bag. This will come in handy when you’re at the beach or engaging in water activities, ensuring that your belongings remain dry and secure.

Special Occasion Extras

Birthday Decorations

Celebrating a birthday on your Disney cruise? Pack some festive birthday decorations to make the occasion even more special. Streamers, balloons, and banners can transform your stateroom into a birthday paradise.

Costumes or Theme Park Attire

If you’re sailing on a themed Disney cruise or plan to visit a Disney theme park during your trip, don’t forget to pack costumes or attire appropriate for the occasion. Dressing up as your favorite character or immersing yourself in the theme can add an extra touch of magic to your vacation.

Disney Character Autograph Book

Meeting your favorite Disney characters is a highlight of any Disney cruise. Bring along a Disney character autograph book and a pen for your little ones to collect signatures and create lasting memories with their favorite characters.

Disney Pins for Trading

Disney pin trading is a popular activity on Disney cruises and in the Disney parks. If you’re interested in participating, bring some Disney pins to trade with fellow passengers or Disney cast members. It’s a fun way to engage with others and possibly discover some hidden gem pins.

Gifts for Pirate Night

Disney cruises often have a themed Pirate Night, where guests can dress up in pirate attire and partake in special events and activities. If you plan to participate, consider packing some pirate-themed accessories or costumes for the whole family to enjoy.

Essential Items to Pack for a Disney Cruise

Optional Extras

Snorkeling or Dive Gear

While snorkeling and diving gear can be rented or purchased onboard or at the ports of call, avid snorkelers and divers may prefer to bring their own equipment. Packing your gear ensures that you have familiar and well-fitting equipment, enhancing your underwater adventures.


Binoculars can be useful for making the most of scenic cruising, wildlife spotting, or admiring distant sights while exploring ashore. If you have a personal preference for binoculars or enjoy birdwatching, including them in your packing list is a great idea.

Fishing Gear

For fishing enthusiasts, packing your own fishing gear can be a rewarding experience. Research the fishing opportunities at the ports of call and make sure to comply with any local regulations regarding fishing licenses or catch limits.

Golf Clubs

Some cruise itineraries include ports of call with excellent golf courses nearby. If you’re a golf enthusiast, consider bringing your own golf clubs. Just be sure to check with the cruise line and the golf course for any specific requirements or restrictions.

Sports Equipment

If you enjoy playing sports such as tennis, basketball, or volleyball, consider bringing your own equipment. While cruise ships may have some sports equipment available, having your own gear ensures your comfort and enjoyment during friendly games onboard.


Travel Adapters

Depending on your destination and the type of electrical outlets used, you may need a travel adapter to charge your electronic devices. Research the electrical standards of your cruise ship and destinations and pack the appropriate adapters to ensure your devices stay powered up.

Ziplock Bags

Packing a few different sizes of ziplock bags can be incredibly useful during your Disney cruise. They can be used to store wet clothes, keep electronics dry, store snacks, or even serve as makeshift ice packs if needed. They’re lightweight, compact, and come in handy in various situations.

Travel Sewing Kit

Accidents happen, and having a travel sewing kit on hand can save the day if you encounter any wardrobe malfunctions or minor clothing repairs. Pack a small sewing kit with needles, thread in various colors, buttons, and safety pins.


Though you may hope for sunny skies, having a compact travel umbrella can be a lifesaver if unexpected rain showers occur during your Disney cruise. Keep it in your day bag or backpack and be prepared for any inclement weather.

Travel Pillow

Whether you’re traveling by plane, car, or cruise ship, a travel pillow can greatly enhance your comfort during long journeys. Choose a portable and inflatable travel pillow that can easily be packed in your carry-on or day bag, ensuring a restful travel experience.

By following this comprehensive packing list, you’ll be well-prepared for your Disney cruise adventure, ensuring a hassle-free and enjoyable vacation. Remember to tailor this list to your specific needs and preferences, taking into account the destinations, activities, and length of your cruise. Bon voyage!

Essential Items to Pack for a Disney Cruise