How To Sneak Alcohol On Carnival Cruise

So you’re planning a Carnival Cruise and you want to enjoy your favorite drinks onboard without breaking the bank? Look no further than this handy guide on how to sneak alcohol on your Carnival Cruise. Whether you’re a savvy traveler on a budget or simply looking to add a personal touch to your vacation, we’ve got you covered with some clever and discreet ways to bring along your favorite spirits. From ingenious methods of hiding your drinks to tips on avoiding suspicion, this article will ensure you have a fantastic time without emptying your wallet for a refreshing beverage onboard.

Ways to Sneak Alcohol On Carnival Cruise

Going on a Carnival Cruise is an exciting and memorable experience. The thought of lounging by the pool, enjoying delicious meals, and participating in fun activities is enough to make anyone eager to set sail. However, if you’re a savvy traveler who wants to enjoy your own selection of beverages without breaking the bank, you may be interested in learning how to sneak alcohol onboard. While I would never encourage breaking the rules, it’s important to acknowledge that some individuals may be looking for creative ways to save money. In this article, we will explore a variety of methods for sneaking alcohol onto a Carnival Cruise, as well as discuss the potential risks and alternatives available.

Using Disguise and Concealment Techniques

One approach to sneaking alcohol onboard a Carnival Cruise is by using disguise and concealment techniques. By cleverly disguising your beverages as everyday items, you can try to avoid arousing suspicion. One popular method is to transfer your liquor into mouthwash bottles, which look virtually identical. Simply clean out an empty mouthwash bottle and fill it with your desired alcohol. Be sure to clean the bottle thoroughly to eliminate any residual mouthwash taste. Another technique is to use sunscreen containers. These containers are typically opaque, making it easier to hide your alcoholic beverages. However, it is crucial to ensure that the sunscreen bottles are thoroughly cleaned to avoid any contamination.

Manipulating Liquor Bottles and Containers

If you’re feeling more daring, manipulating liquor bottles and containers might be the route for you. One method involves carefully opening a sealed wine bottle and replacing the wine with your preferred alcohol. This can be done by removing the cork, pouring out the original contents, and replacing them with your desired drink. Next, use a heated cork to reseal the bottle and make it look as though it has not been tampered with. It is important to exercise caution while performing this technique and to make sure the bottle is properly sealed to prevent any leakage during your cruise. Additionally, some avid travelers have been known to empty and refill shampoo bottles with their choice of liquor. This method requires meticulous cleaning and sealing to avoid any leaks or spills.

How To Sneak Alcohol On Carnival Cruise

Hiding Alcohol in Everyday Items

Another approach to sneaking alcohol onboard a Carnival Cruise is by utilizing everyday items as hiding spots. One example is utilizing hollowed-out fruit containers. Cored pineapples or watermelons can be an excellent choice for this method. Simply remove the contents of the fruit, pour in your desired alcohol, and reseal it using food-grade adhesive. While this method can be quite effective, it is important to be cautious when handling the fruit, as it may be more fragile than other hiding spots. Another option is to use reusable water bottles. Purchase several water bottles with opaque color or designs, remove the original labels, and replace them with homemade ones that mimic the original brand. This allows you to discreetly carry your preferred beverages without raising any suspicion.

Transporting Alcohol in Luggage or Personal Items

If you prefer a more straightforward approach, transporting alcohol in your luggage or personal items may be the best choice for you. Purchasing travel-sized bottles of your preferred alcoholic beverages is a common method of discreetly bringing your own drinks on board. These small bottles can easily be packed in toiletry bags, cosmetic cases, or even hidden within clothing pockets. Additionally, another option is to use empty soda bottles. Rinse out the soda bottles thoroughly, ensuring no traces of the original drink remain, and fill them with your desired alcohol. Be sure to secure the caps tightly to prevent any potential leaks. Transporting alcohol in your luggage or personal items can be a reliable and hassle-free method of bringing your own beverages without attracting unwanted attention.

How To Sneak Alcohol On Carnival Cruise

Tips for Consuming Sneaked Alcohol

Once you have successfully sneaked alcohol onto a Carnival Cruise, it’s essential to consume it responsibly and discreetly. Here are a few tips to consider:

  1. Choose appropriate times and locations: Enjoy your sneaked alcohol in the privacy of your cabin or other discreet settings to minimize the risk of getting caught.

  2. Avoid excessive consumption: Pace yourself and enjoy your drinks responsibly. Excessive alcohol consumption can lead to unwanted attention or even health risks.

  3. Stay observant of your surroundings: Be aware of your surroundings and the individuals nearby. It’s important to be discreet and respectful towards other passengers and the ship’s crew.

  4. Dispose of evidence appropriately: Dispose of any empty bottles, cans, or other evidence discreetly and responsibly to avoid raising suspicions.

Potential Risks and Consequences

While sneaking alcohol onto a Carnival Cruise may seem like a harmless way to save money, it is essential to consider the risks and potential consequences involved. Carnival Cruise Lines have strict policies in place regarding outside alcohol, and if you are caught breaking these rules, you may face the following consequences:

  1. Confiscation of the alcohol: Carnival Cruise staff has the authority to confiscate any outside alcohol they discover, regardless of the method used to bring it on board.

  2. Financial penalties: If you are caught smuggling alcohol, you may be subject to additional charges or fines. These charges can quickly add up, outweighing any potential savings from bringing your own drinks.

  3. Possible denial of re-boarding: In extreme cases, Carnival Cruise Lines may choose to deny passengers re-boarding the ship at the next port if they are caught smuggling alcohol. This can leave you stranded and incur additional cost for alternative transportation arrangements.

It is important to weigh these potential risks against the perceived benefits before deciding whether or not to attempt sneaking alcohol onto a Carnival Cruise.

How To Sneak Alcohol On Carnival Cruise

Alternatives to Sneaking Alcohol Onboard

If the risks associated with sneaking alcohol onto a Carnival Cruise are not worth it to you, there are alternative ways to enjoy a variety of beverages without breaking the rules. Carnival Cruise offers a range of beverage packages that cater to different preferences and budgets. These packages typically include unlimited soft drinks, water, and even alcoholic beverages. By purchasing one of these packages, you can enjoy a wide selection of drinks throughout your cruise without worrying about smuggling or facing potential consequences.

Understanding Carnival Cruise Alcohol Policies

Before you embark on your Carnival Cruise, it is crucial to familiarize yourself with the alcohol policies specific to the cruise line. Carnival Cruise Lines strictly prohibit passengers from bringing outside alcohol on board, with the exception of a single bottle of wine or champagne per adult guest during embarkation. Any additional bottles will be held by the ship’s staff and returned at the end of the cruise. It is important to respect these policies to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for yourself and other passengers.

How To Sneak Alcohol On Carnival Cruise

Other Important Considerations

In addition to understanding Carnival Cruise’s alcohol policies, there are a few other important considerations to keep in mind:

  1. Legal drinking age: It is crucial to adhere to the legal drinking age in the jurisdiction the Carnival Cruise operates. Failure to do so can result in serious consequences and potentially ruin your entire trip.

  2. Respect fellow passengers: Whether you choose to sneak alcohol onboard or purchase a beverage package, it is essential to respect fellow passengers’ rights and enjoyment. Excessive or inappropriate behavior can have a significant impact on the overall cruise experience for everyone.

  3. Enjoy responsibly: Consumption of alcohol always comes with responsibility. Staying hydrated, knowing your limits, and ensuring the safety and well-being of yourself and others should always be a priority.


While it may be tempting to find ways to sneak alcohol onto a Carnival Cruise to save money, it is crucial to consider the potential risks and consequences involved. Carnival Cruise Lines enforce strict alcohol policies to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all passengers. Purchasing one of Carnival’s beverage packages is a convenient and responsible alternative that allows you to enjoy a wide variety of beverages without the need to sneak alcohol on board. Ultimately, the choice is yours, but remember to respect the rules and policies to ensure a memorable and enjoyable cruise experience for yourself and your fellow passengers.

How To Sneak Alcohol On Carnival Cruise