Understanding Princess Cruises Dress Code Policy

Princess Cruises offers an exquisite experience at sea, and part of that includes adhering to their dress code policy. As you embark on your voyage, it’s important to understand how strict Princess Cruises’ dress code truly is. From elegant formal nights to casual daytime attire, this article will guide you through the different dress code requirements onboard, ensuring that you are well-prepared and polished for every occasion. Whether you’re a first-time cruiser or a seasoned traveler, this comprehensive overview will help you navigate Princess Cruises‘ dress code policy with ease.

Understanding Princess Cruises Dress Code Policy

Princess Cruises Dress Code Policy

Welcome aboard Princess Cruises, where elegance and style are celebrated! Our dress code policy is designed to enhance the overall ambiance of your cruise experience, ensuring that you feel comfortable and appropriately attired for every occasion. In this comprehensive guide, we will take you through the various dress code requirements, from daytime attire to themed nights, and help you understand the different terms and guidelines. So, let’s dive in and get you acquainted with the Princess Cruises dress code!

Overview of Princess Cruises Dress Code

Importance of Dress Code on Princess Cruises

Princess Cruises places great importance on maintaining an appropriate dress code, as it contributes to the overall atmosphere and creates a sense of elegance and sophistication on board. By adhering to the dress code policy, you can fully immerse yourself in the cruise experience and enjoy the refined ambiance that Princess Cruises is renowned for.

Goal of Dress Code

The dress code policy aboard Princess Cruises aims to strike a balance between formal elegance and relaxed informality. Whether you prefer to dress up or keep it casual, our dress code ensures that everyone can find an appropriate style that suits their personal comfort level.

Princess Cruises’ Dress Code Reputation

Princess Cruises has a well-established reputation for its dress code policy. Known for its refined and upscale atmosphere, Princess Cruises has consistently upheld its dress code standards over the years, ensuring that all guests have a memorable and sophisticated experience.

Daytime Attire

Casual Dress Code

During the daytime, Princess Cruises adopts a relaxed and casual dress code. You can dress comfortably in resort-style clothing, such as shorts, sundresses, jeans, and t-shirts. Remember to wear appropriate footwear for walking around the ship and engaging in various activities.

Appropriate Attire for Daytime Activities

While the dress code is casual, there are a few exceptions when it comes to specific activities. If you plan to participate in activities such as yoga, fitness classes, or any athletic pursuits, it is advisable to wear appropriate workout attire. Additionally, when visiting public areas like the dining rooms or lounges, it is recommended to dress slightly more presentably.

Swimwear and Poolside Dress Code

When spending time by the pool, feel free to wear your swimsuit and cover-up. However, we kindly request that you refrain from walking around the ship in your swimwear. To maintain a respectful environment for all guests, please remember to use appropriate attire when leaving the pool area.

Evening Attire

Importance of Evening Attire

Evenings aboard Princess Cruises are a special time, bringing a touch of elegance and sophistication to your experience. As such, we have specific dress code guidelines to help you create a stylish evening look.

General Evening Dress Code

In the evenings, a more sophisticated dress code is in effect. Smart casual or formal attire is usually required when visiting the main dining rooms, lounges, and entertainment venues after 6:00 PM. This allows for a more refined atmosphere and adds to the overall elegance of the evening experience.

Appropriate Attire for Dining

When dining in our main dining rooms, the Horizon Court buffet, or other specialty restaurants, it is recommended to dress in smart casual evening attire. This includes slacks or trousers, a collared shirt, and closed-toe shoes for gentlemen, while ladies can opt for dresses, skirts, or dressy pantsuits.

Attire for Entertainment Venues

For shows, theaters, and lounges, it is advisable to follow the smart casual dress code, similar to dining attire. Please note that specific dress code requirements may vary depending on the evening’s events, so it is always a good idea to check the daily schedule for any additional guidelines.

Understanding Princess Cruises Dress Code Policy

Formal Nights

Definition and Purpose of Formal Nights

Formal nights on Princess Cruises are an opportunity for guests to showcase their most elegant attire and enjoy a glamorous evening of fine dining and entertainment. These special nights bring an air of sophistication to the ship and are typically held on longer cruises.

Appropriate Formal Attire

For formal nights, gentlemen are expected to dress in traditional formal wear, such as tuxedos, suits, or dinner jackets. Ladies can opt for elegant cocktail dresses, evening gowns, or dressy pantsuits. This is the perfect occasion to bring out your finest attire and create lasting memories.

Gentlemen’s Guidelines

For gentlemen, traditional formal wear is recommended. This includes a tuxedo or a dark suit, a formal shirt, dress shoes, and, if desired, a bow tie or necktie. While tuxedo rentals are available on board, it is advisable to pre-book to ensure availability.

Ladies’ Guidelines

Ladies have the opportunity to showcase their style and grace with elegant evening wear. This can be a formal gown, cocktail dress, or a dressy pantsuit. Accessorize with jewelry, heels, and a clutch to complete your sophisticated look.

Acceptable Alternatives

If you prefer not to dress in formal attire, alternative elegant options are also accepted on formal nights. For gentlemen, a dark suit and tie can be worn, while ladies can opt for a formal dress or pantsuit. The key is to maintain an elegant appearance that aligns with the occasion.

Informal Nights

Definition and Expectations of Informal Nights

Informal nights offer a slightly less formal dress code compared to formal nights while still maintaining an elegant atmosphere. On these nights, you have more flexibility in your attire while remaining respectful to the occasion.

Recommended Attire

For informal nights, gentlemen can wear a jacket with slacks or trousers, a dress shirt, and dress shoes. Ladies have the option to wear a dressy outfit, such as a skirt or dress pants paired with a blouse or a dressy top. This provides a balance between formal and casual, allowing you to express your personal style.

Dress Code for Children

Children, just like adults, are expected to adhere to the dress code policy during informal nights. It is important to ensure that they are dressed smartly, in appropriate clothing for the occasion.

Understanding Princess Cruises Dress Code Policy

Smart Casual Nights

Definition and Recommendations for Smart Casual Nights

Smart casual nights offer a more relaxed and contemporary dress code option, allowing for stylish yet comfortable attire. It strikes a balance between formal and casual, resulting in a sophisticated and fashionable look.

Appropriate Attire for Smart Casual Nights

For gentlemen, smart casual attire can include dress pants or khakis, paired with a collared shirt or a sweater. Ladies can opt for a dressy blouse, a skirt or dress pants, and stylish footwear. The focus is on creating a polished appearance without the formality of formal nights.

Dress Code for Children

Children are also expected to adhere to the smart casual dress code during these nights. Encourage them to dress in stylish yet comfortable clothing that fits the occasion.

Themed Nights

Introduction to Themed Nights

Themed nights on Princess Cruises add an extra element of fun and excitement to your cruise experience. These nights allow you to showcase your creativity and participate in themed events throughout the ship.

Examples of Themed Nights

Themed nights can vary depending on the itinerary and cruise duration. Some popular examples of themed nights include Tropical Night, 70s Disco Party, or Pirate Night. These nights provide an opportunity for guests to dress up according to the theme and immerse themselves in the festive atmosphere.

Appropriate Attire for Themed Nights

The dress code for themed nights is generally more relaxed and playful. You are encouraged to embrace the spirit of the theme and dress accordingly. Be sure to check the daily schedule for specific guidelines on costumes and attire related to the theme of the evening.

Understanding Princess Cruises Dress Code Policy

Understanding the Dress Code Terms

Explanation of Dress Code Terminology

To ensure clarity and understanding, let’s define the different dress code terms used aboard Princess Cruises.


Formal attire refers to the highest level of elegance on board. It typically includes tuxedos, suits, dinner jackets, and evening gowns.


Informal attire represents a step below formal wear. It allows for more flexibility while maintaining an elegant appearance. Informal attire for gentlemen often includes jackets with slacks or trousers, while ladies can opt for dressy outfits.

Smart Casual

Smart casual attire strikes a balance between formal and casual wear. It focuses on a polished appearance without the rigid formality of formal nights.


Casual attire is appropriate during the daytime and certain casual events on board. It includes comfortable resort-style clothing such as shorts, sundresses, jeans, and t-shirts.

Enforcement of Dress Code

Princess Cruises ensures the enforcement of the dress code policy by its staff members who monitor the appropriate attire in various venues and public areas. While we strive for compliance, our approach is friendly and understanding, recognizing that guests may have varying interpretations of the dress code guidelines. However, we kindly request that all guests make an effort to adhere to the dress code policy to preserve the elegant ambiance for everyone on board.

Understanding Princess Cruises Dress Code Policy

Dress Code Exceptions

Special Occasions

If you are celebrating a special occasion on board, such as a birthday or anniversary, you may want to dress more formally or elegantly. Princess Cruises understands and accommodates these exceptions, allowing you to create lasting memories in your finest attire.

Medical Conditions

Guests with certain medical conditions that require specific attire or adjustments may be exempt from the dress code policy. We encourage you to contact our Guest Services team in advance to discuss any special requirements or accommodations needed.

Guests with Disabilities

Princess Cruises strives to provide a comfortable and inclusive experience for all guests, including those with disabilities. If you or a member of your party requires specific accommodations in terms of attire, please reach out to our Access Office for further assistance.

We hope this comprehensive article has provided you with a thorough understanding of the Princess Cruises dress code policy. By following the guidelines, you can ensure that you are appropriately attired for each occasion and fully immerse yourself in the elegant and refined atmosphere of your cruise. Enjoy your journey with Princess Cruises!