What Cruise Go Alaska

Are you ready to embark on an unforgettable journey to Alaska? If you’ve ever dreamed of cruising through the pristine waters of this breathtaking destination, then look no further. In this article, you will discover the best cruise options for exploring Alaska’s awe-inspiring landscapes. From magnificent glaciers to abundant wildlife, get ready to experience the adventure of a lifetime as you set sail on an unforgettable Alaskan cruise.

What Cruise Go Alaska

Best Time to Go

Planning a cruise to Alaska? One of the first considerations you’ll need to make is the timing of your trip. Alaska’s weather and wildlife sightings vary greatly throughout the year, so choosing the best time to go can greatly enhance your experience.

Seasonal Considerations

May through September is considered the prime cruising season in Alaska. During this time, the temperatures are milder, ranging from the 50s to 70s Fahrenheit, and the days are longer, providing more daylight for sightseeing and outdoor activities. This is also when most cruise lines offer their itineraries to Alaska, giving you a wide range of options to choose from.

The shoulder seasons of May and September are ideal for those looking for a quieter and more budget-friendly experience. The weather may be slightly cooler, but you’ll have the advantage of fewer crowds and potentially lower prices.

Weather Conditions

Alaska’s weather can be unpredictable, so it’s important to come prepared for various conditions. Even during the summer months, you might encounter rain, wind, or cooler temperatures, especially in coastal areas. Packing layered clothing, including jackets and sweaters, will ensure you stay comfortable regardless of the weather. It’s also a good idea to bring a waterproof gear, such as a raincoat and waterproof shoes, to stay dry during any unexpected showers.

Wildlife Sightings

One of the highlights of an Alaskan cruise is the opportunity to witness incredible wildlife in their natural habitat. From whales and dolphins to bald eagles and bears, Alaska is teeming with unique and diverse wildlife. The best time to spot these majestic creatures is during the summer months when they are most active. Keep your eyes peeled during excursions and be sure to bring binoculars for a closer look. Many cruise lines offer specialized wildlife viewing tours, giving you the chance to get up close and personal with Alaska’s incredible creatures.

Popular Cruise Lines

When it comes to exploring the beauty of Alaska, several cruise lines stand out for their exceptional itineraries, service, and amenities. Here are three popular cruise lines to consider for your Alaskan adventure:

Carnival Cruise Line

Carnival Cruise Line offers a variety of Alaskan itineraries, ranging from 7 to 14-day cruises. With their signature fun and lively atmosphere, Carnival provides an enjoyable and family-friendly experience. Onboard activities include entertainment shows, water parks, and a wide range of dining options to suit every taste.

Princess Cruises

Princess Cruises is renowned for its Alaskan cruises, offering an immersive experience that highlights the natural beauty and culture of the region. From Glacier Bay National Park to the Inside Passage, Princess Cruises takes you to the most breathtaking destinations. Onboard, you can enjoy fine dining, world-class entertainment, and enriching activities like art auctions and culinary demonstrations.

Norwegian Cruise Line

Norwegian Cruise Line is known for its Freestyle Cruising, offering flexibility and freedom to its guests. They have a variety of Alaskan itineraries with stops at popular ports like Juneau and Skagway. Onboard, you can expect a wide range of dining options, exciting entertainment, and plenty of activities for all ages. Norwegian Cruise Line also offers specialized shore excursions, including dog sledding and whale watching.

What Cruise Go Alaska

Cruise Routes

Alaska offers an array of stunning cruise routes, each showcasing different aspects of its natural beauty. Here are three popular routes to consider for your Alaskan cruise:

Inside Passage

The Inside Passage is arguably one of the most scenic routes for an Alaskan cruise. This protected waterway runs along the southeastern coast of Alaska and offers breathtaking views of glaciers, fjords, and lush forests. The route typically includes stops at popular ports like Juneau, Skagway, and Ketchikan, where you can explore historic sites, go whale watching, or take a dog sledding tour.

Gulf of Alaska

The Gulf of Alaska route takes you through the open waters of the northern Pacific Ocean, offering a different perspective of Alaska’s rugged coastline. This route often includes ports like Anchorage, Seward, and Hubbard Glacier. Hubbard Glacier is a highlight of this route, with its massive size and stunning blue hues. You may also have the opportunity to spot wildlife such as seals, sea lions, and whales during your journey.

Bering Sea

For the adventurous traveler looking for a truly unique experience, the Bering Sea route is an excellent choice. This route takes you through the remote and rugged areas of western Alaska and the Bering Sea. With stops at Dutch Harbor and Nome, you’ll get a glimpse of Alaska’s rich history and remote communities. Keep an eye out for bird colonies and marine life as you sail through these unspoiled waters.

Sightseeing and Excursions

Alaska is a land of incredible natural wonders and captivating landmarks. During your cruise, you’ll have the opportunity to visit some of the most iconic destinations and partake in exciting excursions. Here are a few must-see sights and experiences:

Glacier Bay National Park

Located west of Juneau, Glacier Bay National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a must-visit destination for any Alaskan cruise. Witness the awe-inspiring beauty of towering glaciers and listen for the thunderous sound of ice calving into the ocean. Many cruise lines offer guided tours through the park, providing insights into its geological significance and the wildlife that calls this icy paradise home.

Denali National Park

For those seeking a wilderness experience like no other, a visit to Denali National Park is a must. This vast wilderness in the interior of Alaska is home to the tallest peak in North America, Denali (formerly known as Mount McKinley). Take a guided tour through the park and keep your eyes peeled for wildlife such as grizzly bears, moose, and caribou. The park also offers hiking trails for those looking to explore its untamed beauty on foot.

Juneau City Tour

As Alaska’s capital city, Juneau offers a unique blend of history, culture, and natural beauty. Take a city tour to explore the iconic Mendenhall Glacier, visit the historic Alaska State Capitol building, or take a ride on the Mount Roberts Tramway for breathtaking views of the city and surrounding wilderness. Juneau is also famous for its fresh seafood, so be sure to sample some local delicacies during your visit.

What Cruise Go Alaska

Unique Alaskan Experiences

While cruising through Alaska, take advantage of the unique experiences the state has to offer. Here are three unforgettable activities to consider:

Dog Sledding

Discover the thrill of dog sledding, a traditional Alaskan mode of transportation, and experience the bond between mushers and their canine teams. Get a taste of the exhilaration as you glide across pristine snow-covered landscapes while being pulled by a team of energetic and highly trained sled dogs. Multiple excursions are available throughout Alaska, allowing you to choose the experience that suits your preferences and comfort level.

Whale Watching

Alaska is renowned for its abundant marine life, and whale watching is a popular activity for visitors. Embark on a whale watching excursion to witness the majestic humpback whales breach the surface, tail slap, and spout water high into the air. Keep an eye out for other whale species, such as orcas and gray whales, as well as playful sea otters and curious seals. The cruise ship’s naturalist and expert guides will provide fascinating insights into the behavior and biology of these incredible creatures.

Northern Lights Viewing

Alaska’s remote location and dark skies make it an excellent destination for viewing the magical Northern Lights, also known as the Aurora Borealis. Plan your trip during the fall or winter months when the nights are longer and darker. Many cruise lines offer specialized Northern Lights viewing excursions, where you’ll travel to areas with minimal light pollution and have the best chance of witnessing this natural phenomenon. Imagine gazing up at the dancing ribbons of colorful lights as they illuminate the night sky.

Packing Tips

Packing for an Alaskan cruise requires careful consideration of the variable weather conditions and the activities you plan to partake in. Here are a few essential packing tips to keep in mind:

Layered Clothing

Alaska’s weather can change rapidly, so packing layered clothing is essential. Start with a base layer of moisture-wicking material, such as polyester or merino wool, to keep you dry and comfortable. Add a few insulating layers like sweaters or fleece jackets for warmth, and top it off with a waterproof and windproof outer layer to protect against rain and strong winds. This layering system allows you to adjust your clothing according to the weather conditions and ensures you’ll stay warm and dry throughout your cruise.

Waterproof Gear

Considering Alaska’s reputation for rain, having waterproof gear is crucial. Invest in a good-quality raincoat with a hood that can withstand heavy downpours. Waterproof pants or leggings are also a smart addition, especially if you plan on participating in outdoor activities like hiking or kayaking. Don’t forget waterproof shoes or boots to keep your feet dry while exploring ports of call or taking part in shore excursions.


With wildlife sightings being one of the highlights of an Alaskan cruise, bringing a pair of binoculars can greatly enhance your experience. Look for binoculars with good magnification and a wide field of view to get a closer look at whales, bears, and other wildlife. Compact binoculars are recommended for portability, so you can easily bring them along during shore excursions and scenic cruising.

What Cruise Go Alaska

Cruise Ship Amenities

Alaskan cruises offer a range of amenities and onboard activities to keep you entertained and pampered throughout your journey. Here are a few amenities to look forward to:

Onboard Entertainment

From live shows and musical performances to comedy acts and Broadway-style productions, the onboard entertainment on an Alaskan cruise is sure to impress. Sit back and enjoy a captivating performance or take part in themed parties and dancing under the stars. Many cruise lines also offer enrichment programs, such as lectures by naturalists and cultural experts, to provide a deeper understanding of Alaska’s unique history and ecology.

Dining Options

Cruise ships excel in providing a variety of dining options to satisfy every palate. Indulge in gourmet cuisine prepared by top chefs, sample flavors from around the world at various buffet stations, or opt for casual dining options like pizzerias or burger joints. Many ships also offer specialty restaurants with menus curated by renowned chefs, giving you the opportunity to savor fine dining experiences at sea.

Spa and Fitness Facilities

Take some time to relax and rejuvenate at the cruise ship’s luxurious spa and fitness facilities. Pamper yourself with a soothing massage, indulge in a facial or body treatment, or simply unwind in the steam room or sauna. Stay active during your cruise by utilizing the ship’s fitness center, jogging track, or participating in fitness classes. Some ships even have amenities like swimming pools, rock climbing walls, and sports courts for those looking for more adventurous activities.

Alaska Cruise Budgeting

When planning an Alaskan cruise, it’s important to consider your budget and allocate funds for various elements of your trip. Here are a few cost factors to keep in mind:

Cruise Fare

The cruise fare forms a significant portion of your overall budget. Prices vary depending on factors such as cruise line, itinerary, cabin category, and time of year. Inside cabins are generally more affordable, while balcony cabins offer stunning views but at a higher cost. Consider your priorities and budget constraints when choosing your cabin category.

Excursion Costs

Participating in shore excursions is an excellent way to explore Alaska’s natural wonders and immerse yourself in local culture. However, these excursions come at an additional cost. Research the excursions offered by your chosen cruise line and allocate funds accordingly. Keep in mind that some excursions might have limited availability, so booking in advance is recommended to secure your spot.


Don’t forget to account for incidentals such as gratuities, alcoholic beverages, specialty dining, and spa treatments. These additional expenses can add up over the duration of your cruise. Consider setting aside a separate budget for these incidentals to avoid any surprises when settling your final bill.

What Cruise Go Alaska

Planning and Booking

Taking the time to thoroughly research and plan your Alaskan cruise can help ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Researching Cruise Options

Start by researching different cruise lines and their itineraries to find the one that best suits your preferences and interests. Consider factors such as cruise length, ports of call, onboard amenities, and the activities offered. Reading reviews and consulting with a travel agent can provide valuable insights and recommendations.

Booking in Advance

Alaskan cruises are in high demand, especially during the peak season. To secure your preferred itinerary and cabin category, it’s advisable to book your cruise well in advance. This allows you to take advantage of early booking discounts and ensures availability, particularly for cruises with limited capacity.

Travel Documents

Before embarking on your Alaskan cruise, ensure you have all the necessary travel documents in order. This includes a valid passport, any required visas, and proof of citizenship. Check the specific requirements of your cruise line and consult with the relevant authorities to ensure a hassle-free embarkation process.

Precautionary Measures

While exploring Alaska’s wilderness and cruising its waters is undoubtedly a thrilling experience, it’s important to take certain precautionary measures for a safe journey. Here are a few precautions to consider:

Motion Sickness Prevention

Alaskan cruises often involve sailing through open waters, which can lead to motion sickness for some individuals. Pack over-the-counter motion sickness medication or consider alternative remedies such as acupressure bands or ginger-based products. Avoid heavy meals and alcohol if you’re prone to motion sickness and choose a cabin location with less motion, such as mid-ship and lower decks.

Bear Safety

If you plan on venturing into Alaska’s backcountry or participating in wilderness excursions, it’s essential to educate yourself about bear safety. Familiarize yourself with bear behavior, carry bear spray, and make noise to alert bears of your presence. Always follow the instructions and guidance of trained guides and experts to ensure a safe and respectful encounter with these magnificent creatures.

Sea Sickness Medications

In addition to motion sickness, some individuals may also experience sea sickness due to the rocking and rolling motion of the ship. Consult with your doctor about appropriate sea sickness medications and consider packing them just in case. It’s also helpful to choose a cabin with a window or balcony to provide a visual reference and reduce the sensation of motion.

In conclusion, an Alaskan cruise offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore untouched wilderness, witness breathtaking wildlife, and create memories that will last a lifetime. By considering the best time to go, researching cruise lines and routes, packing appropriately, and planning in advance, you can ensure a smooth and unforgettable journey through the pristine beauty of Alaska. So grab your binoculars, pack your layered clothing, and get ready to embark on the adventure of a lifetime!