Adam Hattan’s Vlog: Boarding the Disney Wish Cruise Ship

Step on board the Disney Wish cruise ship with Adam Hattan as he takes you on an exciting three-night Bahamas sailing adventure in this vlog. Joined by his friend Kieran, they explore the ship’s luxurious Concierge category, starting with a tour of the stunning Concierge Family Oceanview room and the spacious Concierge lounge on Deck 12. The vlog also highlights the ship’s various amenities and activities, including a ship tour, a sail away party, dining at the restaurant 1923, an evening show, and turn-down magic in the stateroom. Plus, they share tips and insights throughout, ensuring a delightful and informative experience for viewers.

As Adam and Kieran embark on their journey, they also mention some interesting details, such as the possibility of witnessing a space launch during the bus journey to Port Canaveral and the nearby building that served as Walt Disney World’s preview center in 1970. They provide glimpses into the exclusive experiences offered to Concierge guests and showcase the ship’s themed rooms, dining options, interactive activities for children, and other highlights. Join Adam and Kieran as they share their enthusiasm for the Disney Wish cruise ship, providing a first-hand account of the magical experiences and exceptional services that await guests on this extraordinary voyage.

Adam Hattans Vlog: Boarding the Disney Wish Cruise Ship

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Adam Hattan’s Vlog: Boarding the Disney Wish Cruise Ship

Welcome to Adam Hattan’s vlog series! In this episode, Adam and his friend Kieran are embarking on a three-night Bahamas sailing aboard the Disney Wish, Disney Cruise Line’s newest and biggest ship. They are staying in the Concierge luxury category, which promises a luxurious experience from start to finish.

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Staying in the Concierge luxury category

Adam and Kieran are excited to be staying in the Concierge luxury category on the Disney Wish. This category offers exclusive benefits and amenities, making their cruise experience even more special.

Room tour of a Concierge Family Oceanview with Verandah stateroom

In this episode, Adam gives viewers a room tour of their Concierge Family Oceanview with Verandah stateroom. The room is spacious and beautifully decorated, with a Tangled/Rapunzel theme. Adam highlights the split bathroom layout, the storage space, and the extra perks that come with staying in a Concierge stateroom.

Tour of the Concierge lounge on Deck 12

One of the perks of staying in the Concierge category is access to the Concierge lounge. Adam takes viewers on a tour of this exclusive lounge, showcasing its layout, outdoor seating area, self-serve drinks and food offerings, and even the outdoor lounge on Deck 13, complete with hot tubs, lounge chairs, sofas, and even Dole Whip smoothie on-tap!

Ship tour: atrium, outdoor seating, self-serve drinks and food offerings, and the Oceaneer’s Club

Adam and Kieran take viewers on a ship tour, exploring various areas of the Disney Wish. They visit the beautiful atrium, also known as the Grand Hall, where they are greeted by Flynn Rider and Rapunzel. They also explore the outdoor seating areas, self-serve drinks and food offerings, and make a stop at the Oceaneer’s Club.

Sail away party

The vlog captures the excitement of the sail away party as the Disney Wish sets sail from Port Canaveral. Adam and Kieran head to Deck 12 to join in the festivities. The party includes performances by various Disney characters, including Mickey and Minnie. The ship’s horn plays iconic Disney tunes, creating a magical atmosphere.

Dinner at the restaurant 1923

After the sail away party, Adam and Kieran enjoy a delicious dinner at the restaurant 1923. They savor a fantastic meal, including appetizers, soup, main courses, and desserts. The dining experience is top-notch, with high-quality food and excellent service.

Evening show

Adam and Kieran attend an evening show called “Seas the Adventure.” The show impresses with exceptional singing, projection mapping, and pyrotechnics. They are blown away by the performances and the overall production value of the show.

Turn-down magic in the stateroom

Returning to their stateroom, Adam and Kieran are delighted to find turn-down magic. The room attendants have created an adorable towel animal, adding an extra touch of Disney magic to their experience.

Stop at Castaway Cay, the Disney private island

In their three-night Bahamas sailing, Adam and Kieran make a stop at Castaway Cay, Disney’s private island. They explore the beautiful beaches, enjoy water activities, and soak up the sun. Castaway Cay offers a perfect day of relaxation and adventure.

Possibility of seeing a space launch

One exciting aspect of the trip is the possibility of seeing a space launch. Adam and Kieran mention that the bus journey to Port Canaveral may take longer due to a space launch at NASA. If the timing is right, they might be able to witness a space launch, adding even more excitement to their cruise experience.

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Journey to Port Canaveral and nearby attractions

Before boarding the Disney Wish, Adam and Kieran embark on a journey from Walt Disney World’s Riviera Resort to Port Canaveral. They take the Disney Cruise Line transfer, a comfortable and guided option for guests. The journey is smooth, and they arrive at the dedicated Disney Cruise Line terminal.

Disney Cruise Line transfer experience

Adam and Kieran share their experience of the Disney Cruise Line transfer. They mention that online check-in and port arrival forms are not required for Disney Cruise Line transfer guests, streamlining the check-in process. The transfer provides a hassle-free way to get to the ship.

Separate lounge and check-in process for Concierge guests

Being in the Concierge category, Adam and Kieran enjoy the privilege of a separate lounge and check-in process. They express their appreciation for the added convenience and exclusivity of this service.

Details about the new lounge for Concierge guests

Adam and Kieran provide details about the new and expanded Concierge lounge. The lounge offers more space for guests to relax and unwind before boarding the ship. They appreciate the comfortable seating, bar area, outdoor seating, and children’s area available in the lounge.

Lunch in 1923 for Concierge guests

As Concierge guests, Adam and Kieran are treated to a special lunch at 1923, the Walt side of the restaurant. They enjoy a delicious meal, savoring the flavors and excellent quality of the dishes.

Special features of the Concierge lounge

Adam and Kieran mention some special features of the Concierge lounge. They highlight the unique smell in the lounge called “Wish Upon a Sea,” which adds to the immersive Disney experience. They also mention the exclusive merchandise available for purchase, allowing guests to bring home a piece of the magic.

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Missed space launch

Unfortunately, Adam and Kieran missed the space launch by a few minutes. Although they did not witness it firsthand, they still mention the possibility of seeing a space launch during the bus journey to Port Canaveral, adding an element of excitement to the trip.

Unique view from the Concierge area

Being located at the front of the ship, the Concierge area offers a unique view over the bow. Adam and Kieran mention the breathtaking experience of seeing the ship from this vantage point, providing a different perspective of the journey.

Dining options for Concierge guests

As Concierge guests, Adam and Kieran have access to a variety of dining options. They mention the self-serve dining option in the Concierge dining area, which offers a wide selection of food and beverages. The dining experience ensures that guests have plenty of delicious options to choose from.

Exclusive merchandise in the Concierge area

The Concierge area also features exclusive merchandise for purchase. Adam and Kieran express their excitement about this offering, allowing them to bring home unique souvenirs from their Disney Wish experience.

Secret staircase to deck 13 with stunning views and amenities

One hidden gem in the Concierge area is the secret staircase that leads to deck 13. Adam and Kieran discover this staircase, which offers stunning views of the ocean and additional amenities such as Jacuzzis and complimentary sunscreen. This hidden spot provides the perfect place to relax and enjoy the cruise.

Dole Whip smoothie and other tasty treats

Adam and Kieran mention the delightful treats available onboard the Disney Wish. They try the Dole Whip smoothie, a popular Disney treat, and other tasty snacks. The ship offers a wide range of culinary options to cater to every taste.

Assistance from the ship’s Concierge team

The ship’s Concierge team is available to assist guests with various services and reservations. Adam and Kieran appreciate the help they receive from the team, ensuring that their onboard experience is smooth and enjoyable.

Interactive activities for children

Adam and Kieran highlight the variety of interactive activities available for children on the ship. They mention the Imagineering Lab and Fairytale Hall as two examples. These activities provide entertainment and opportunities for kids to learn and engage with the Disney magic.

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Themed rooms and unique amenities

The Disney Wish offers themed rooms that add an extra touch of magic to the guest experience. Adam and Kieran discuss the popularity of the “Tangled” theme and mention the unique amenities available in the rooms, such as separate toiletries and rain showers. The rooms provide a comfortable and immersive stay for guests.

Wi-Fi packages for guests

To ensure that guests stay connected during their cruise, the Disney Wish offers Wi-Fi packages. Adam and Kieran mention these packages, providing information about how guests can access the ship’s Wi-Fi and add multiple devices to the same account. This allows guests to stay connected and share their magical experiences with friends and family.

Range of dining options

Adam and Kieran discuss the range of dining options available on the ship. They mention the Concierge lunch on embarkation day and highlight the variety of culinary experiences guests can enjoy. From fine dining to casual eateries, the Disney Wish offers something for everyone’s taste.

Activities and amenities on the ship

Adam and Kieran talk about the multitude of activities and amenities available on the Disney Wish. They mention the waterslide, which provides hours of fun for guests of all ages. The ship’s offerings ensure that guests have plenty of entertainment and relaxation options throughout their cruise.

Conversation between Kieran and Adam

As Adam and Kieran explore the ship, they engage in a conversation about their experiences. They discuss the layout and features of their room, sharing their thoughts on the fridge, bed options, and bathroom amenities. They also mention their exploration of the pool area, Cove Cafe, and other ship amenities. Their conversation provides insights into their firsthand experience and adds a personal touch to the vlog.

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Layout and features of the room

Adam and Kieran provide in-depth details about the layout and features of their room. They discuss the storage space, wardrobes, robes, and other amenities available. Their room tour gives viewers a comprehensive understanding of what to expect when staying in a stateroom on the Disney Wish.

Accessing the ship’s Wi-Fi

Adam and Kieran explain how guests can access the ship’s Wi-Fi. They mention the convenience of adding multiple devices to the same account, ensuring that guests can stay connected and enjoy seamless internet access throughout their cruise.

Room tour and amenities

In their room tour, Adam and Kieran highlight the amenities available in their stateroom. They provide insights into the location of the room, which offers a view of the bridge. They also showcase the bathroom amenities, emphasizing the quality and convenience of the rain shower.

Location of the room

Adam and Kieran mention the location of their stateroom, which is at the front of the ship. They appreciate the breathtaking view from their veranda room, giving them a unique perspective of the journey.

Exploring the pool area

Adam and Kieran take viewers on a tour of the pool area, showcasing the jacuzzis, bar, loungers, and AquaMouse ride. They enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of the pool area, highlighting its fun and relaxing qualities.

Cove Cafe and smoking deck

As they explore the ship, Adam and Kieran come across the Cove Cafe, a coffee shop onboard. They mention this tranquil spot and also note the nearby smoking deck, which is located in the adults-only area. These areas provide guests with specific preferences a place to enjoy their favorite activities.

Review of the comfort of chairs

Adam and Kieran take a moment to review the comfort of the chairs onboard the Disney Wish. They mention their positive impression, noting that the chairs offer comfort and relaxation throughout the ship.

Artwork and interactive games

While wandering the ship, Adam and Kieran spot various artwork and interactive games. They appreciate these little details, adding to the overall visual appeal and entertainment options onboard.

Fairytale Fresh Laundry facility

Adam and Kieran stumble upon the Fairytale Fresh Laundry facility during their exploration. They highlight this convenient amenity, which provides guests with access to washing machines, dryers, and ironing boards. This facility ensures that guests can keep their clothes clean and fresh throughout their cruise.

Keg & Compass lounge

Adam and Kieran mention the Keg & Compass lounge, which offers quizzes and bingo for guests to enjoy. They acknowledge the fun activities available in this lounge, giving guests opportunities to socialize and have a great time.

Overall impressions of the ship’s design

Adam and Kieran share their overall impressions of the ship’s design. They describe it as ornate and luxurious, appreciating the attention to detail and the overall aesthetic appeal. Their positive feedback highlights the exceptional design elements onboard the Disney Wish.

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Luna, Enchante, and restaurants onboard

Adam and Kieran explore the various restaurants onboard the Disney Wish. They mention Luna, which is located on deck four and functions as the dining reservation area for standard cabin passengers. They also mention Enchante, a fancy restaurant that receives mixed reviews but offers a unique dining experience.

Spa, cinemas, and Rainforest Room in Luna

During their exploration, Adam and Kieran visit Luna, which also houses the ship’s spa and cinemas. They provide insights into the availability of spa services and the cinematic experiences guests can enjoy. They also mention the Rainforest Room, which offers additional amenities such as loungers, jacuzzis, and saunas.

Interrupted Senses Spa tour

While visiting the spa, Adam and Kieran experience an interruption during their tour. An alarm is triggered by a steam room, and they must briefly pause their exploration. This unexpected twist adds a touch of humor to their vlog.

World of Marvel restaurant

Adam and Kieran mention the World of Marvel restaurant, which provides guests with an optional dining experience. They also mention the upcoming Marvel Night experience, enticing guests with the promise of even more entertainment and excitement.

Ship areas and bars

As they wander the ship, Adam and Kieran explore various areas and bars. They mention the aft area, accessible through the blue and red carpeted area, and the forward section indicated by the green carpet. They highlight specific bars, such as The Rose, known for its extensive wine collection.

State room hosts and muster stations

Adam and Kieran discuss the role of state room hosts, mentioning the helpfulness of hosts like Yoga. They also mention the importance of accessing muster stations early to avoid crowded elevators. Their insights provided viewers with valuable information about these aspects of the cruise experience.

Using the Disney Cruise Line app

Adam and Kieran discuss the usefulness of the Disney Cruise Line app. They mention the messaging feature, which allows guests to communicate with each other. They emphasize the importance of staying connected with fellow passengers while exploring the ship, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Show: Set Sail On A Wish

Adam and Kieran mention an upcoming show titled “Set Sail On A Wish.” They provide details on how guests can access this show through the Disney Cruise Line app. Their anticipation and excitement for the show set the stage for an entertaining and memorable experience.

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Spectacular start of the cruise

Adam and Kieran describe the spectacular start of their cruise experience. They mention a performance by the Fairy Godmother and various Disney characters, creating a magical ambiance. They also recount the ship’s countdown and horn blast as it sets sail, generating excitement and instilling a sense of adventure in all the guests.

Performance by Fairy Godmother and Disney characters

Adam and Kieran highlight the performance by the Fairy Godmother and various Disney characters. They describe the joy and energy in the room as guests clap and dance to the “Cha Cha Slide” song. The presence of beloved characters adds a touch of enchantment to the cruise experience.

Ship sets sail with a countdown

Adam and Kieran take part in the ship’s countdown as it prepares to set sail. They describe the anticipation and thrill in the air as guests eagerly await the moment of departure. The countdown culminates in a horn blast, signaling the beginning of an incredible journey.

Priority access to the theater and theater show

As Concierge guests, Adam and Kieran enjoy priority access to the theater. They discuss the convenience of this perk, ensuring that they can secure good seats for the theater show. This priority access allows them to have the best possible viewing experience.

Impressions of the theater show

Adam and Kieran provide their impressions of the theater show, “The Seas the Adventure.” They are in awe of the exceptional singing, projection mapping, and pyrotechnics featured in the show. Their positive feedback emphasizes the high-quality entertainment offered onboard the Disney Wish.

Turn-down service and towel animal

Returning to their stateroom after the evening show, Adam and Kieran find that their room attendants have performed turn-down service. They are delighted to discover a cute towel animal awaiting them, bringing a touch of whimsy to their night.

Planning for dinner

After a long and eventful day, Adam and Kieran discuss their plans for dinner. They mention the importance of not eating too much beforehand to fully enjoy their dining experience. Their conversation provides a behind-the-scenes look at their decision-making process.

Dining experience and food review

Adam and Kieran make their way to the “Sleeping Beauty” section for dinner. They thoroughly enjoy their dining experience, highlighting the delicious food and excellent service. They discuss specific dishes, including appetizers, tortellini, burrata, and steak, giving viewers a taste of the culinary delights available onboard.

Live singing in the atrium

After dinner, Adam and Kieran are treated to live singing in the atrium. They mention the talented performers and the lively atmosphere in the atrium. The live music adds another layer of entertainment to their cruise experience.

Game: Match Your Mate

Adam and Kieran participate in a fun game called Match Your Mate. They share their enjoyment of the game, describing the entertainment value and the fun they had interacting with other guests. Their involvement in onboard activities adds to the overall excitement of their cruise.

First impressions of the Disney Wish

Adam and Kieran discuss their first impressions of the Disney Wish. They express their admiration for the ship’s design, staff, food, and amenities. They rate their experience as a perfect 10 out of 10, showcasing their genuine enthusiasm and satisfaction with the Disney Wish.

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Improvements in adult entertainment

Adam and Kieran mention the improvements in adult entertainment onboard the Disney Wish. They hint at enhanced offerings and emphasize the variety of activities available for adults to enjoy throughout the cruise.

Books available for purchase

Adam and Kieran highlight the availability of books for purchase, including a Disney Cruise Line book. They mention that the Disney Cruise Line book is currently out of stock but assure viewers that the situation will be resolved.

Planning a Disney cruise or visiting Disney World

Adam and Kieran suggest considering a Disney cruise as an addition to planning a visit to Walt Disney World or Disney World. They provide valuable insights into the perks and unique experiences that a Disney cruise can offer to complement a Disney-themed vacation.

Summary of the vlog

Adam and Kieran wrap up the vlog by summarizing their experiences and expressing their gratitude for viewers’ support. They encourage viewers to like, subscribe, and stay tuned for future videos. They express their excitement for the magical Disney Wish vlog series and promise to share more unforgettable moments from their journey.

We’re boarding the Disney Wish cruise ship! Join my friend Kieran and you as you begin your three night Bahamas sailing aboard Disney Cruise Line’s newest and biggest ship, in the added luxury of Concierge! Check out the Concierge lounge in this vlog, get a full room tour of a Concierge Family Oceanview with Verandah stateroom and get a whistle stop tour of the ship.

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I’m Adam Hattan, a family-friendly theme park and cruise vlogger from the United Kingdom, who often vlogs the magic of Disney Parks. I love going to Walt Disney World, Disneyland Paris, Disneyland in California and sailing with Disney Cruise Line. I’m excited to be sharing this magical Disney Wish vlog series with you!


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In this Disney Wish Embarkation Day vlog, Kieran and I awake in Walt Disney World’s Riviera Resort, a Disney Vacation Club resort. Here, I give you a room tour of a West facing Deluxe Studio (8713). From WDW, we take the Disney Cruise Line transfer to the dedicated Disney Cruise Line terminal at Port Canaveral in east Florida USA. The round-trip cost for this transfer was $80.00 pp. Upon arriving at the port, we head to the Concierge check-in desk, and we are then escorted to the new and expanded Concierge Lounge.

Upon boarding the Disney Wish, you enter the beautiful atrium, otherwise known as the Grand Hall. Not only that, Flynn Rider and Rapunzel are there to greet you too! Your first stop is upstairs to the beautiful Concierge lounge. Here we give you an overview of the lounge’s layout, check out the outdoor seating on deck 12, tour the self-serve drinks and food offerings, as well as the outdoor lounge on deck 13 with hot tubs, lounge chairs, sofas and Dole Whip smoothie on-tap! From there, we pop into the Oceaneer’s Club via the atrium’s slide, before enjoying a Concierge lunch at 1923 (Walt).

It’s then to your Concierge Family Oceanview with Verandah stateroom (12518), located just a few meters from the Concierge Lounge on Deck 12, Forward. We give you a full stateroom tour, showcasing the split bathroom layout, the Tangled/Rapunzel theme, the storage space throughout and some of the extra things you get in a Concierge stateroom.

As this is Kieran’s first Disney Cruise, we of course had to do a ship tour to introduce him to the Disney Wish. We explore the upper decks and the DCL funnel, the adult only spaces (including Cove Cafe and the Smoking Area), Wonderland Cinema, Luna, Fairytale Fresh Laundry, the Grand Hall, Promenade Deck (including the bow of the ship, Senses Spa and Rainforest Room, Hook’s Barbery, The Rose Bar, Palo, Enchante and The Walt Disney Theatre during our ‘back to normal’ muster drill.

When it’s time to ‘Set Sail on a Wish’ we head up to Deck 12 to enjoy the sail away party! I pretty much share the whole show to give you all the Disney magic feels. The show features Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Goofy, Pluto, Chip, Dale, Rapunzel, Flynn, Prince Charming, Cinderella, Moana and Fairy Godmother herself! Our cruise director then come’s out to start the countdown to the Disney Cruise Ship horn!

Sailing out of Port Canaveral aboard the Disney Wish, you get to hear several of the ship’s horn songs, including ‘A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes’, ‘Do You Want to Build a Snowman’, ‘Be Our Guest’, ‘it’s a small world’, ‘Hi-Diddle-Dee-Dee (An Actor’s Life For Me)’ and of course ‘When You Wish Upon a Star.’

Your evening show was Seas the Adventure, followed by dinner at 1923 (Roy). You enjoy a fantastic meal, including appetiser, soup, main (entree) and dessert. From dinner, you head to Luna to enjoy the adult’s only entertainment of Match Your Mate. After that, you‘re officially beat, and head back to your stateroom to find some turn-down magic and find your Kieran’s first impression of being a first time Disney Cruiser.

There’s three episodes in total with this series, including a stop at Castaway Cay that sees us rent one of the Cabanas on Serenity Bay! Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss a thing!

NOTES: I’m Adam Hattan, a UK based vlogger who focuses on bringing you fun and informative vlogs, the whole family can enjoy (parental guidance is recommended for all videos). I film on a canon G7X Mark III (3) compact camera.

No content in this video represents the views, opinions or operation practices of the Walt Disney Company or any of its affiliates or subsidiaries. This content is not endorsed by, approved by or representative of The Walt Disney Company or any of its affiliates. All content represents only that of Adam Hattan.

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