Are Meals Included In Carnival Cruises

When it comes to planning your dream vacation, one of the factors that can make or break your experience is the availability of meals. After all, who wants to worry about where to find a delicious meal when you’re on a cruise? If you’re considering booking a Carnival Cruise, you might be wondering if meals are included in the package. Well, you’ll be delighted to know that Carnival Cruises does include meals as part of their package, ensuring that you can indulge in a wide variety of cuisines without any extra cost. From extravagant gourmet meals to casual buffet options, Carnival Cruises has got you covered, promising a mouthwatering dining experience that will satisfy even the pickiest eaters.

Types of Meals


When it comes to breakfast on a Carnival Cruise, you’ll have plenty of delicious options to start your day off right. From classic favorites like scrambled eggs, bacon, and fresh fruit to more indulgent choices like Belgian waffles and omelettes made to order, there’s something for everyone. Whether you prefer a sit-down breakfast in the main dining room or a quick bite at the buffet, you can fuel up for a day of adventure and relaxation.


Lunchtime is a chance to refuel and recharge before continuing your cruise activities. Carnival offers a wide array of options for lunch, whether you’re looking for a light salad, a hearty sandwich, or a taste of international cuisine. The main dining room provides a more formal setting for lunch, while the buffet offers a more casual atmosphere with a variety of choices.


Dinner on a Carnival Cruise is a special occasion every night. With a menu that changes daily and a variety of culinary offerings to suit all tastes, you’ll always find something to satisfy your cravings. From succulent steak and seafood to vegetarian and gluten-free options, there’s a dish for everyone at the table. Enjoy the elegant ambiance of the main dining room, where you can indulge in a multi-course meal served by attentive staff.

Late-Night Snacks

For those late-night cravings, Carnival Cruises has you covered. Whether you’re returning from a night out on the town or simply want a midnight snack in the comfort of your own room, room service is available 24/7. From sandwiches and pizza to sweet treats and refreshing beverages, you can satisfy your appetite even in the late hours of the evening.

Main Dining Room

Assigned Seating

One of the dining options available on a Carnival Cruise is assigned seating in the main dining room. This option provides you with a consistent table and dining time throughout your cruise, allowing you to build a rapport with your waitstaff and fellow diners.

Flexible Seating

If you prefer a more relaxed dining experience, Carnival also offers flexible seating in the main dining room. This option allows you to dine at your leisure, without the constraints of a set dining time. You can choose to eat with your group or make new friends by sharing a table with other guests.

Dining Times

Carnival Cruises offer multiple dining times to accommodate your schedule and preferences. Typically, there are early dining, late dining, and Your Time dining options. Early and late dining have specific seating times, while Your Time dining allows you to dine whenever you please during the designated hours.

Menu Options

The main dining room menu on a Carnival Cruise is designed to cater to a variety of tastes and dietary restrictions. Each night, you’ll find a tempting array of appetizers, soups, salads, entrees, and desserts to choose from. Vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options are also available upon request. Additionally, Carnival offers a featured dish and a “rare finds” section, allowing you to explore new culinary creations.

Specialty Restaurants


For a truly elevated dining experience, make sure to visit the steakhouse on your Carnival Cruise. Indulge in premium cuts of beef, cooked to perfection, and enjoy a sophisticated and elegant atmosphere. From filet mignon to New York strip, the steakhouse offers a variety of mouthwatering options for meat lovers.

Seafood Shack

If you’re a seafood enthusiast, head to the Seafood Shack on board your Carnival Cruise ship. This casual eatery serves up a selection of fresh seafood favorites, including lobster rolls, clam chowder, and fried shrimp. With its nautical-themed decor and laid-back atmosphere, it’s the perfect spot for a seafood feast.

Italian Restaurant

Craving some classic Italian comfort food? Look no further than the Italian restaurant on your Carnival Cruise. With a menu inspired by the flavors of Italy, you can enjoy dishes like homemade pasta, wood-fired pizza, and tiramisu. The cozy and inviting ambiance will transport you to the streets of Rome or Venice.

Sushi Bar

For sushi lovers, a visit to the sushi bar on your Carnival Cruise is a must. Indulge in a variety of hand-rolled sushi rolls, sashimi, and nigiri made with freshest ingredients. The sushi bar offers a vibrant and lively atmosphere, perfect for enjoying a taste of Japan while cruising the high seas.


Variety of Options

The buffet on a Carnival Cruise ship offers a wide variety of options to please every palate. From a hearty breakfast spread to a diverse selection of lunch and dinner options, you’ll find everything from comfort foods to international cuisine. The buffet allows you to sample different dishes and create your own customized meals, ensuring that everyone in your group will find something they love.


One of the benefits of dining at the buffet is the self-service aspect. You can choose exactly what and how much you want to eat, making it ideal for those who prefer more casual dining experiences. The buffet is open for extended hours, so you can grab a bite to eat whenever you’re feeling hungry.

Casual Atmosphere

The buffet area on a Carnival Cruise ship offers a casual and relaxed atmosphere. Whether you’re dining in your swimwear after a day at the pool or dressed up for a night out, you’ll feel comfortable enjoying your meal in this casual setting. Grab a plate, load it up with your favorite dishes, and find a cozy spot to enjoy your meal.

Room Service

Complimentary Options

Carnival Cruises offers a selection of complimentary room service options, allowing you to enjoy a meal in the comfort of your own stateroom. Whether you’re craving a late-night snack or a leisurely breakfast in bed, room service can cater to your needs. From sandwiches and salads to desserts and fruit plates, there’s something for every appetite.

Additional Charge Items

While the majority of the room service menu is complimentary, some items may incur an additional charge. These additional charge items often include premium options such as steak or seafood dishes. If you’re in the mood for something extra special, you can splurge on these mouthwatering creations.

Delivery Times

Room service on a Carnival Cruise ship is available 24/7. That means you can satisfy your cravings at any time of the day or night. Whether you’re an early riser looking for a cup of coffee and a pastry or a night owl in need of a late-night snack, room service will deliver to your door whenever you desire.

Dining Packages

Cruise the Vineyards

Carnival Cruises offers a dining package called “Cruise the Vineyards” for wine enthusiasts. This package allows you to enjoy a series of wine tastings, paired with delicious bites, throughout your cruise. Learn about different wine regions and varietals while indulging in the flavors of the vine.

Chef’s Table Experience

For those seeking a truly exclusive and intimate dining experience, the Chef’s Table is the perfect option. This package allows you to dine with the ship’s executive chef, who will personally prepare and present a multi-course gourmet meal. You’ll learn about the culinary techniques used on board and gain insight into the behind-the-scenes workings of the ship’s kitchen.

Green Eggs and Ham Breakfast

Families with young children will delight in the Green Eggs and Ham Breakfast, inspired by the beloved Dr. Seuss book. This interactive experience includes a delicious breakfast buffet, character appearances, and plenty of whimsical decorations. It’s the perfect way to start the day for young and young-at-heart cruisers alike.

Children’s Dining Options

Kids’ Menus

Carnival Cruises cater to the taste buds of their youngest guests with dedicated kids’ menus. These menus offer a variety of child-friendly options, ensuring that even the pickiest eaters will find something they enjoy. From hot dogs and chicken nuggets to pizza and pasta, the kids’ menus are designed to please young palates.

Camp Ocean Meal Times

For children participating in Camp Ocean, Carnival’s youth program, meal times are not something to worry about. The program includes lunch and dinner periods where children can enjoy meals with their fellow campers under the supervision of trained staff. This allows parents to relax and enjoy their own dining experience, knowing their children are well taken care of.

Special Dietary Needs

Vegetarian Options

Carnival Cruises recognize the importance of accommodating various dietary needs and preferences, including vegetarian diets. Vegetarian options are available on all cruise ships, featuring a wide range of creative and delicious plant-based dishes. From hearty salads to flavorful vegetable stir-fries, vegetarian guests will have plenty of options to choose from.

Vegan Options

For those following a vegan lifestyle, Carnival Cruises also offer a selection of vegan dishes. These plant-based options are free of any animal products, ensuring that guests with dietary restrictions can enjoy a delicious and satisfying dining experience. Indulge in dishes like vegan sushi, pasta primavera, and dairy-free desserts.

Gluten-Free Options

Guests with gluten sensitivities or dietary restrictions can rest assured knowing that Carnival Cruises cater to their needs as well. The dining options include gluten-free alternatives, allowing those with celiac disease or gluten intolerances to enjoy a diverse array of dishes. From gluten-free pasta to specially-prepared bread, gluten-free guests can dine with peace of mind.



Water is served complimentary on Carnival Cruises, ensuring that you stay hydrated throughout your voyage. Whether you prefer still or sparkling water, you can quench your thirst without any additional charges. Staying hydrated is essential for a pleasant and comfortable cruise experience.

Non-Alcoholic Beverages

In addition to water, Carnival Cruises offer a variety of non-alcoholic beverages to suit all tastes. From soft drinks and iced tea to specialty coffee and herbal tea, there’s a beverage to satisfy every craving. Many of these non-alcoholic beverages are available for purchase separately or as part of all-inclusive beverage packages.

Alcoholic Beverages

If you’re looking to indulge in adult beverages during your cruise, Carnival Cruises offers a wide selection of alcoholic beverages. Whether you prefer a fruity cocktail by the pool or a fine wine with dinner, there’s something for every taste. Alcoholic beverages can be purchased individually or as part of beverage packages, allowing you to savor your favorite libations at a discounted rate.

Dining Etiquette and Tips

Dress Code

Carnival Cruises have a relaxed dress code during most evenings. Casual attire is generally appropriate for dinner in the main dining room, with comfortable resort wear being the norm. However, some nights may have optional formal or elegant dress codes, where guests are encouraged to dress up for special occasions. It’s always a good idea to pack a few dressier outfits, just in case.


Tipping on a Carnival Cruise is customary, as it is in many restaurant settings. Carnival offers an automatic gratuity program, which charges a set amount per person per day to cover tips for the dining room waitstaff and cabin stewards. However, if you feel that the level of service exceeded your expectations, you are always welcome to provide additional tips to show your appreciation.

Making Reservations

For specialty restaurants or dining experiences such as the Chef’s Table, it’s recommended to make reservations in advance. These dining options tend to be popular and can fill up quickly. By making reservations, you can secure your spot and ensure that you don’t miss out on a memorable culinary experience. Reservations can typically be made online or through the cruise line’s customer service.

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