How Much Are Drinks On Norwegian Cruise Lines

Are you curious about the cost of drinks on Norwegian Cruise Lines? Well, wonder no more! In this article, we will take a closer look at the prices of beverages on board Norwegian Cruise Lines, helping you plan your budget and satisfy your thirst for a refreshing vacation. From cocktails and wine to sodas and coffee, we’ll give you an enticing glimpse into the world of libations at sea. So, grab a drink (or not, since you might want to wait until you’re aboard!) and let’s explore how much those tantalizing beverages will cost on your Norwegian Cruise Lines adventure.

Overview of Norwegian Cruise Lines

What is Norwegian Cruise Lines?

Norwegian Cruise Lines is a popular cruise line known for its exceptional service, outstanding amenities, and world-class entertainment. With a fleet of magnificent ships that sail to breathtaking destinations, Norwegian Cruise Lines offers guests an unforgettable vacation experience. One of the highlights of cruising with Norwegian is the wide selection of beverages available onboard, ranging from refreshing soft drinks to handcrafted cocktails and premium wines. Whether you’re a fan of mixology, a wine connoisseur, or simply enjoy a great cup of coffee, Norwegian Cruise Lines has something to satisfy every taste.

Types of drinks available

Norwegian Cruise Lines offers an impressive array of drinks to cater to every preference. From alcoholic beverages such as cocktails, wine, beer, spirits, and specialty drinks, to non-alcoholic options including soft drinks, bottled water, mocktails, smoothies, and freshly squeezed juices, guests have no shortage of choices when it comes to quenching their thirst. Equipped with multiple bars and lounges throughout their ships, Norwegian ensures that you’re never far away from a refreshing drink, no matter where you are on board.

Variety of bars and lounges

When it comes to the ambiance and setting, Norwegian Cruise Lines excels in creating diverse environments to enjoy your favorite beverage. Whether you prefer an elegant and sophisticated lounge, a lively poolside bar, a cozy pub, or a vibrant nightclub, Norwegian has a bar or lounge to suit your mood and style. Each venue offers its own unique atmosphere, making it easy to find the perfect spot to relax, unwind, and indulge in your drink of choice. From breathtaking ocean views to live music and entertainment, Norwegian’s bars and lounges enhance the overall cruise experience.

Pricing Structure

Alcoholic beverages

While Norwegian Cruise Lines offers a wide selection of alcoholic beverages, it is important to note that they are not included in the base fare of the cruise. Alcoholic drinks are priced individually and billed to your onboard account. The prices of alcoholic beverages vary depending on the type and brand of drink you choose. Cocktails, wine, beer, spirits, and specialty drinks all have their own price range, allowing you to select the option that fits your taste and budget.

Non-alcoholic beverages

For guests who prefer non-alcoholic options, Norwegian Cruise Lines also offers a variety of refreshing drinks. Soft drinks, bottled water, mocktails, smoothies, and freshly squeezed juices are available for purchase at various venues onboard. These non-alcoholic beverages are also priced individually, providing flexibility for guests who may prefer to enjoy a drink without alcohol.

Beverage package options

To simplify the process and provide cost savings, Norwegian Cruise Lines offers several beverage package options. These packages allow guests to enjoy a selection of alcoholic and/or non-alcoholic beverages for a fixed price. By purchasing a beverage package, you can indulge in your favorite drinks without worrying about individual pricing. This is a great option for guests who plan to enjoy multiple drinks throughout their cruise and want to have a clear understanding of their overall beverage costs.

Gratuity charges

It is important to be aware that gratuity charges are not included in the price of the beverages. Norwegian Cruise Lines adds an automatic gratuity charge to all beverage purchases. The gratuity charge is a percentage of the total cost of the drink and is shared among the service staff. This ensures that the hardworking staff members who provide excellent service during your cruise are appropriately compensated. However, if you wish to provide an additional tip for exceptional service, it is always appreciated.

Alcoholic Beverages


Norwegian Cruise Lines offers an extensive selection of cocktails to please every palate. From classic favorites such as Mojitos, Margaritas, and Martinis, to creative and innovative concoctions crafted by expert mixologists, there is a cocktail for every taste. Whether you’re a fan of fruity flavors, bold and strong mixtures, or prefer a lighter option, the bartenders onboard Norwegian Cruise Lines are skilled in creating delicious and visually stunning cocktails that are sure to impress.


Wine enthusiasts will be delighted by Norwegian Cruise Lines’ diverse wine selection. With a range of reds, whites, and rosés from around the world, you can explore different varietals and discover new favorites while enjoying the stunning views from the ship. From Chardonnay to Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir to Riesling, the wine list onboard Norwegian Cruise Lines is carefully curated to offer a comprehensive selection that pairs perfectly with the delicious cuisine served onboard.


If you’re a beer lover, Norwegian Cruise Lines has you covered with a wide selection of domestic and international beers. From light and crisp lagers to rich and flavorful ales, there is a beer for every beer enthusiast. Whether you prefer a popular brand or are interested in trying a local craft beer from the port of call, Norwegian Cruise Lines ensures that you can enjoy your favorite brew onboard.


For those who enjoy a straight pour or prefer their drink on the rocks, Norwegian Cruise Lines offers a selection of premium spirits. From top-shelf whiskey and bourbon to smooth tequila and vodka, you can savor the taste of your preferred spirit while enjoying the luxurious surroundings of the ship. Whether you choose to enjoy your spirit neat, in a classic cocktail, or as part of a specialty drink, Norwegian Cruise Lines provides a variety of options to cater to your preferences.

Specialty and craft drinks

Norwegian Cruise Lines takes pride in offering specialty and craft drinks that are unique to their ships. These drinks are often inspired by the destinations the cruise line visits, using local ingredients and flavors to create a truly immersive experience for guests. From tropical and fruity concoctions to bold and adventurous flavor combinations, the specialty and craft drinks onboard Norwegian Cruise Lines are a must-try for those looking to expand their beverage horizons.

Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Soft drinks

For those who prefer non-alcoholic options, Norwegian Cruise Lines offers a range of soft drinks. Carbonated beverages such as cola, lemon-lime soda, and ginger ale, as well as non-carbonated options like iced tea and fruit punch, are available for purchase. Whether you’re looking for a refreshing drink to accompany your meal or simply want to quench your thirst throughout the day, Norwegian Cruise Lines has a variety of soft drinks to choose from.

Bottled water

Norwegian Cruise Lines understands the importance of staying hydrated, especially when enjoying the sun and sea breeze on a cruise. Guests can purchase bottled water onboard to ensure they have easy access to hydrating refreshment wherever they go. It is worth noting that tap water on the ship is safe to drink, but if you prefer the convenience of bottled water, it is readily available for purchase.


Mocktails are non-alcoholic beverages that mimic the flavors and presentation of traditional cocktails. Norwegian Cruise Lines offers a selection of mocktails made with fresh ingredients and creative combinations. These refreshing and flavorful drinks are perfect for guests who want to enjoy the taste and experience of a cocktail without the alcohol. From fruity and tropical mocktails to herb-infused concoctions, there is a mocktail to suit every preference.

Smoothies and milkshakes

If you’re looking for a refreshing and indulgent treat, Norwegian Cruise Lines offers a variety of smoothies and milkshakes. Made with fresh fruits, yogurt, and other delicious ingredients, these blended beverages are perfect for cooling off on a hot day or satisfying your sweet tooth. From tropical fruit smoothies to creamy and decadent milkshakes, Norwegian Cruise Lines has the perfect icy concoction to keep you refreshed and satisfied.

Freshly squeezed juices

For guests who prefer a healthy and rejuvenating option, Norwegian Cruise Lines offers freshly squeezed juices. Made with a variety of fruits and vegetables, these juices are packed with vitamins and nutrients to keep you energized during your cruise. From classic orange juice to unique blends like carrot and ginger or watermelon and mint, freshly squeezed juices are a delicious and nutritious way to start your day or enjoy a refreshing mid-day pick-me-up.

Beverage Package Options

Ultimate Beverage Package

For guests who want to enjoy a wide variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages throughout their cruise without the worry of individual prices, Norwegian Cruise Lines’ Ultimate Beverage Package is a great option. With this package, you can indulge in unlimited beverages, including cocktails, wine, beer, spirits, soft drinks, and bottled water. This all-inclusive package provides excellent value and allows you to try new drinks and enjoy your favorites without any additional costs.

Premium Beverage Package

The Premium Beverage Package offered by Norwegian Cruise Lines is another excellent option for those who appreciate high-quality beverages. This package includes a wider range of premium spirits, wines, and cocktails compared to the Ultimate Beverage Package. With the Premium Beverage Package, you can elevate your drinking experience and enjoy exclusive offerings not available with the standard package. If you’re a connoisseur looking for top-shelf options, this package is perfect for you.

Corkage Fee

If you prefer to bring your own wine onboard, Norwegian Cruise Lines allows guests to do so. However, a corkage fee will be charged. This fee covers the service of opening and serving your wine in the dining venues or bars onboard. The corkage fee ensures that you can enjoy your preferred bottle of wine without any hassle and seamlessly integrate it into your dining experience.

Soda Package

For guests who primarily enjoy soft drinks, Norwegian Cruise Lines offers a Soda Package. This package allows unlimited consumption of carbonated beverages, including cola, lemon-lime soda, and ginger ale, throughout the duration of your cruise. If you or your family members are avid soda enthusiasts, the Soda Package provides convenience and cost savings. With this package, you can quench your thirst with your favorite fizzy drinks without any additional charges.

Specialty Coffee and Tea

Cost of coffee and tea

Norwegian Cruise Lines offers a variety of specialty coffee and tea options for guests who enjoy a caffeinated pick-me-up or a soothing cup of tea. These beverages are priced individually and can be purchased at dedicated coffee shops and select restaurants onboard. The prices of specialty coffee and tea may vary depending on the type of drink and any additional ingredients or customization. However, these beverages are generally reasonably priced compared to similar offerings on land.

Variety of drinks

The selection of specialty coffee and tea on Norwegian Cruise Lines is extensive, ensuring that all coffee connoisseurs and tea lovers can find their preferred cup of brew. From classic espresso-based drinks like cappuccinos, lattes, and macchiatos to flavorful and aromatic loose-leaf teas, there is something to cater to every taste. Whether you crave a simple black coffee, a creamy latte, or a unique tea blend, Norwegian Cruise Lines’ specialty coffee and tea options are sure to impress.

Coffee shop locations

Norwegian Cruise Lines provides dedicated coffee shops where guests can enjoy their favorite specialty coffee and tea. These coffee shops are typically located in easily accessible areas, allowing guests to satisfy their cravings throughout the day. From early morning coffee runs to an afternoon pick-me-up or a post-dinner indulgence, you can rely on the coffee shops on board to provide expertly crafted beverages in a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

Gratuity Charges

Understanding gratuity charges

Gratuity charges are an important aspect to consider when purchasing beverages onboard Norwegian Cruise Lines. These charges are not included in the listed price of the drinks and are automatically added to the total cost of each beverage purchased. The gratuity charge is a percentage of the drink’s price and is applied to ensure that the service staff who prepare and serve your beverages receive fair compensation for their excellent service. It is essential to understand the gratuity charges to have a clear understanding of the total cost of your beverages.

Service charges for beverages

In addition to the gratuity charge, Norwegian Cruise Lines adds a service charge to each beverage purchase. This charge covers the cost of glassware, ice, garnishes, and other operational expenses associated with providing you with a high-quality beverage experience. The service charge is a flat fee applied per drink and is added to the overall cost of the beverage. It is important to note that the service charge is included in the price of the drink and gratuity will be added separately.

Automatic gratuity charge

To ensure the convenience and ease of enjoying beverages onboard, Norwegian Cruise Lines automatically adds the gratuity charge to your onboard account whenever you purchase a beverage. This automatic charge eliminates the need for tipping bartenders or servers individually for each drink. The added gratuity charge is shared among the staff who provide exceptional service, ensuring that your appreciation for their hard work is appropriately acknowledged.

Tips at bars and lounges

While the automatic gratuity charge ensures fair compensation for the service staff, if you receive exceptional service or wish to show extra appreciation, it is always appropriate to provide an additional tip at the bars and lounges. Whether it’s a particularly delicious cocktail recommendation or attentive service that enhances your overall enjoyment, a little extra recognition in the form of a tip can go a long way in showing your gratitude. While not mandatory, tipping in addition to the automatic gratuity charge is a wonderful gesture to acknowledge exceptional service.

Happy Hour and Specials

Availability of happy hour

Norwegian Cruise Lines understands the appeal of happy hour and offers various promotions and discounts during specific times of the day. Happy hour typically occurs during late afternoon or early evening, allowing guests to enjoy discounted prices on select beverages. The availability and duration of happy hour may vary depending on the ship, itinerary, and bar or lounge location. It is recommended to check the onboard daily newsletter or consult with the bartenders to find the most up-to-date information on happy hour offerings during your cruise.

Promotions and discounts

In addition to happy hour, Norwegian Cruise Lines often runs promotions and discounts on various beverages throughout the cruise. These promotions can range from discounted pricing on specific drinks to package upgrades or bonus inclusions. These promotions are periodically offered to enhance the guest experience and provide additional value. Keep an eye out for any announcements or advertisements onboard to take advantage of these special offers and make the most of your drinking experience.

Specials at specific bars

Norwegian Cruise Lines’ diverse array of bars and lounges often have their own unique specials and offerings. These specials can include exclusive cocktails, discounted pricing on specific brands, or even themed drink nights. For example, a poolside bar may have a daily drink special to complement the relaxed and tropical atmosphere, while a cozy pub may offer unique craft beer options or whiskey tastings. Exploring the different bars and lounges onboard allows you to discover the specials and unique experiences they have to offer.

Beverage Packages for Kids and Teens

Children’s beverage package

Norwegian Cruise Lines understands the importance of catering to the needs of younger guests, which is why they offer a children’s beverage package. This package allows children ages 3-12 to enjoy unlimited soft drinks throughout the duration of the cruise. The children’s beverage package is available for purchase and provides a convenient option for parents who want to ensure their children have access to their favorite thirst-quenchers without any additional costs.

Teen’s beverage package

For teenagers ages 13-20, Norwegian Cruise Lines offers a teen’s beverage package. This package allows unlimited consumption of soft drinks, mocktails, and non-alcoholic specialty drinks throughout the cruise. Older teenagers can enjoy a variety of refreshing and flavorful drinks tailored to their preferences, providing them with an enjoyable and inclusive beverage experience onboard.

Age restrictions and limitations

It is important to note that the children’s and teen’s beverage packages have age restrictions and limitations to ensure responsible consumption of beverages. Children and teenagers must be accompanied by an adult when purchasing the beverage packages, and their access to the beverages is subject to Norwegian Cruise Lines’ responsible drinking policies. Additionally, the packages are only available for purchase for the entire duration of the cruise and cannot be purchased for individual days or specific periods.

Additional Tips and Considerations

Budgeting for drinks

Before embarking on your Norwegian Cruise Lines vacation, it is helpful to consider budgeting for your beverages to avoid any unexpected expenses. Taking into account the prices of individual drinks or the cost of beverage packages, as well as the gratuity charges, allows you to plan accordingly and manage your spending. Whether you choose to purchase beverages a la carte or opt for a beverage package, having a budget in mind ensures that you can fully enjoy your cruise without any financial surprises.

Bringing your own beverages

While Norwegian Cruise Lines offers an impressive selection of beverages, guests are also permitted to bring their own wine and non-alcoholic beverages onboard. Norwegian Cruise Lines allows each guest of legal drinking age to bring one bottle of wine or Champagne as carry-on luggage. If you choose to bring your own wine, a corkage fee will apply when consuming it in the dining venues or bars onboard. Non-alcoholic beverages in sealed containers are also allowed to be brought onboard for personal consumption.

Refilling water bottles

Staying hydrated is essential during your cruise, and Norwegian Cruise Lines makes it easy to do so by providing drinking fountains throughout the ship. These drinking fountains allow guests to refill their water bottles free of charge, ensuring easy access to hydration at any time. Refilling your water bottle not only saves money but also reduces waste, making it a convenient and environmentally friendly option during your cruise.

All-inclusive options

If you prefer an all-inclusive experience with beverages included in the base fare, Norwegian Cruise Lines also offers all-inclusive sailings. These sailings, often referred to as Luxury Cruises, include a wide selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages without any additional costs. While all-inclusive sailings may have a higher upfront price, they provide peace of mind and eliminate the need to budget for individual beverages or purchase beverage packages. All-inclusive options are a fantastic choice for guests who want to indulge without worrying about the final bill.

In conclusion, Norwegian Cruise Lines offers a comprehensive beverage program that caters to the diverse preferences of its guests. With a wide selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic choices, guests can enjoy their favorite beverages in the stunning surroundings of the cruise line’s numerous bars and lounges. Whether you opt for a specialty cocktail, a glass of wine, a cold beer, a specialty coffee, or a refreshing mocktail, Norwegian Cruise Lines has a drink to suit every taste. By choosing from the various beverage package options, guests can further enhance their cruise experience and have a clear understanding of their beverage costs. With an understanding of the gratuity charges and additional tips, guests can show their appreciation for the exceptional service provided by the hardworking staff onboard. So, sit back, relax, and raise a glass to a fantastic vacation onboard Norwegian Cruise Lines. Cheers!

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