How To Get To Carnival Cruise From Miami Airport By Bus Or Taxi

Are you getting ready for an exciting Carnival Cruise vacation departing from Miami? Wondering how to get to the cruise terminal from Miami Airport? Look no further! In this article, we will guide you through the options of getting to Carnival Cruise from Miami Airport, whether you choose to hop on a convenient bus or prefer the convenience of a taxi. Get ready to set sail and embark on a fun-filled adventure!

How To Get To Carnival Cruise From Miami Airport By Bus Or Taxi

Bus Options

If you’re looking for an affordable way to get to Carnival Cruise from Miami Airport, there are a few bus options available for you. Let’s explore the two main bus options: Public Bus and Shuttle Bus.

Public Bus

Taking a public bus is a convenient and budget-friendly option to consider. Miami-Dade Transit operates several bus routes that can take you from the airport to your cruise ship. The bus routes that serve Miami Airport include the 57, 110, and 150. These routes are easily accessible from the airport terminals, and each route provides different stops throughout Miami.

Route Information

Before hopping on a public bus, it’s important to gather information about the specific route that will take you to your destination. You can find route information on the Miami-Dade Transit website or by using their mobile app. The routes typically have specific timings, so make sure to check the schedule to ensure you don’t miss the bus.

Payment Options

Paying for your bus fare is simple and hassle-free. Miami-Dade Transit accepts cash payments, but it’s recommended to have exact change as drivers may not be able to provide change. If you prefer a more convenient option, you can purchase an Easy Card or Easy Ticket. These reloadable cards allow you to pay for your bus fare with ease and can be purchased at various locations, including the airport.

Shuttle Bus

Another convenient option to consider is the shuttle bus service. Shuttle buses are specifically designed to transport passengers from Miami Airport to various destinations, including cruise terminals and hotels.

Carnival Cruise Line Shuttle

Carnival Cruise Line offers its own shuttle service, which makes it incredibly convenient for passengers heading to their ships. The shuttle service is available for guests who have pre-booked their cruise with Carnival. The shuttle bus will pick you up from the airport and take you directly to the cruise terminal. This eliminates the need for any additional transportation arrangements and ensures a smooth transition from the airport to your cruise ship.

Hotel Shuttles

If you have booked a hotel near the Miami Airport, there’s a good chance that they offer a shuttle service for their guests. Many hotels provide complimentary shuttle buses to and from the airport, making it a convenient and cost-effective option. Contact your hotel in advance to inquire about their shuttle service and make arrangements for your transportation. This eliminates the need to search for alternative transportation options and provides you with a hassle-free journey to the Carnival Cruise terminal.

Taxi Options

If you prefer a more direct and personalized transportation experience, taxi options are readily available at Miami Airport. Let’s explore the two main taxi options: Traditional Taxi and Ride-Hailing Apps.

Traditional Taxi

Traditional taxis are a familiar sight at most airports, and Miami Airport is no exception. Look for the designated taxi stands outside the terminal, where you will find a line of taxis awaiting passengers. Taxis provide a comfortable and efficient way to get from the airport to Carnival Cruise.

Taxi Stands at Miami Airport

At Miami Airport, you can easily locate the taxi stands outside the arrival terminals. Follow the signs that point towards ground transportation, and you’ll find the designated taxi pick-up area. The airport authorities ensure a well-organized system, allowing you to hop into a taxi without any hassle.

Fare Estimation

Before boarding a traditional taxi, it’s always a good idea to estimate the fare. Miami-Dade County publishes a fare guide, which can give you an idea of the approximate cost for your journey. Keep in mind that the final fare may vary depending on various factors such as traffic conditions and any additional fees.

Payment Options

When it comes to paying for your traditional taxi ride, you have multiple options. Most taxis accept cash payments, but it’s recommended to confirm with the driver beforehand. Additionally, many taxis also accept credit cards, making it convenient for passengers who prefer electronic payments.

Ride-Hailing Apps

Ride-hailing apps like Uber and Lyft have revolutionized the way we travel. These apps provide a seamless and convenient way to book a private ride from the airport to Carnival Cruise.

Using Apps like Uber or Lyft

To utilize ride-hailing apps, simply download the app on your smartphone and sign up for an account. Enter the pickup location as Miami Airport, and the app will automatically locate you. From there, you can request a ride and choose the vehicle type that suits your needs. Ride-hailing apps offer a range of options, including standard vehicles, larger SUVs, and even luxury rides.

Fare Estimation

One of the advantages of using ride-hailing apps is the ability to estimate the fare upfront. The app provides an estimated cost for your journey, giving you transparency and peace of mind. Fare estimates may vary based on factors such as time of day and demand, so it’s important to check the app for the most accurate estimates.

Payment Options

Payment for your ride-hailing service is handled electronically through the app. When you arrive at your destination, the fare will be automatically charged to the payment method associated with your account. This cashless payment system adds convenience and eliminates the need for any physical currency.

How To Get To Carnival Cruise From Miami Airport By Bus Or Taxi

Alternative Transportation Options

In addition to buses and taxis, there are a few alternative transportation options to consider. These options provide a unique and personalized experience, ensuring a comfortable journey to Carnival Cruise.

Shared Ride Shuttles

Shared ride shuttles are a popular choice for those who prefer shared transportation with other passengers. These shuttles are ideal for individuals or groups who are traveling together or are looking to reduce costs. Let’s explore two well-known shared ride shuttle services: SuperShuttle and GO Airport Shuttle.


SuperShuttle offers shared ride shuttle services from Miami Airport to various locations, including cruise terminals. You can easily book your shuttle in advance through their website or mobile app. At the airport, follow the signs directing you to the ground transportation area, where you’ll find the SuperShuttle pick-up point. SuperShuttle ensures a comfortable and efficient ride, taking you directly to your desired destination.

GO Airport Shuttle

GO Airport Shuttle is another reputable shared ride shuttle service. Their friendly and professional drivers provide a reliable and hassle-free journey from the airport to the cruise terminal. GO Airport Shuttle allows you to pre-book your shuttle service online or by phone, ensuring a seamless experience from the moment you arrive at Miami Airport.

Private Car Services

For those seeking a more luxurious and exclusive mode of transportation, private car services offer a premium experience. These services provide a range of vehicle options to choose from, ensuring maximum comfort and convenience. Let’s explore the various private car services available:


Limousine services are synonymous with luxury and sophistication. Arriving at Carnival Cruise in a limousine is a truly memorable experience. Many private car companies offer limousine services, allowing you to indulge in a VIP transportation experience.


Sedans provide a comfortable and stylish mode of transportation. Private car services offer a fleet of sedans, allowing you to travel in elegance and enjoy a peaceful journey to your cruise ship. Sedans are ideal for individuals or smaller groups.


If you have a larger group or require more spacious seating, SUVs are an excellent choice. Private car services provide SUV options that can accommodate multiple passengers and their luggage. These vehicles offer ample legroom and a comfortable ride, ensuring a stress-free journey to Carnival Cruise.

How To Get To Carnival Cruise From Miami Airport By Bus Or Taxi

Tips and Recommendations

To make your journey from Miami Airport to Carnival Cruise as smooth as possible, here are a few tips and recommendations to keep in mind:

Book in Advance

Whether you opt for a bus, taxi, or alternative transportation, it’s always advisable to book in advance. This allows you to secure your transportation and ensures a seamless transition from the airport to the cruise terminal. Booking in advance also gives you peace of mind, knowing that you have your transportation arrangements all taken care of.

Consider Traffic Time

Miami is a bustling city with traffic congestion being a possibility, especially during peak hours. When planning your journey, consider the time it takes to travel from the airport to the cruise terminal. Factor in any potential delays due to traffic and plan accordingly. It’s always better to arrive early and have some extra time to relax before boarding your cruise ship.

Know Your Terminal

Make sure you know which terminal your cruise ship is departing from. Different cruise lines have different terminals at the port, and it’s important to be aware of your specific terminal. Knowing this information in advance will help you navigate your way from the airport and ensure that you arrive at the correct terminal without any confusion or last-minute rush.

By considering these tips and being well-informed about the transportation options available, you can confidently make your way from Miami Airport to Carnival Cruise. Whether you choose a bus, taxi, shared ride shuttle, or private car service, your journey to the cruise ship will be enjoyable and stress-free, setting the tone for an incredible vacation ahead.

How To Get To Carnival Cruise From Miami Airport By Bus Or Taxi

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