Join Our Facebook Group: The Shiplife’s Video on NCL’s Negatives

So, here’s the deal. You’re about to watch a video called “NCL Sucks… Here’s Why” by The Shiplife. In this video, the speaker, who happens to be a former employee or crew member of Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL), will discuss the negative aspects of working on cruise ships and specifically highlight 10 things they hated about their experience on NCL. They’ll also touch on how much money can be made working on a cruise ship and give you a glimpse of what cruise ship cabins look like for crew members. Alongside all this, they’ll mention the opportunity to join their Patreon for a chance to win free vacations, receive early video access, and show support through PayPal. Plus, they’ll invite you to join their Facebook group where you can connect with other cruise enthusiasts. Just keep in mind that the video is for entertainment purposes only, and the opinions expressed should not be taken as fact or advice.

Join Our Facebook Group: The Shiplifes Video on NCLs Negatives


Welcome to this comprehensive article about the negative aspects of working for Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL). In this article, we will explore the background information surrounding a video by The Shiplife titled “NCL Sucks… Here’s Why.” We will delve into the 10 things the creator hated about working on cruise ships, as well as the earnings and compensation of crew members. Additionally, we will discuss cruise ship cabins for crew members and provide keywords related to the content. We will also go over NCL’s recent decision to remove guest privileges, the reasons behind this decision, and the impact of the pandemic. Finally, we will touch on previous negative decisions made by NCL and conclude the article. So, let’s dive in and explore the world of working on cruise ships with NCL!

Background Information

About the Video

The video in question is titled “NCL Sucks… Here’s Why” and is produced by The Shiplife, a channel that provides content related to working on cruise ships. The video highlights the negative aspects of working for NCL and aims to shed light on the experiences of crew members.

Negative Aspects of NCL

The video discusses the various negative aspects of working for NCL, as experienced by the creator. These include long working hours, limited time off, low wages, and the lack of support from the company. The creator shares their personal experiences and provides an honest account of the challenges faced while working on NCL cruise ships.

Promotions and Support

Within the video, The Shiplife encourages viewers to join their Patreon community for a chance to win free vacations, gain early access to videos, and receive additional perks and bonuses. The creator also mentions a Facebook group where viewers can connect and engage with others interested in the cruise industry. Additionally, The Shiplife mentions the option of supporting the channel through PayPal, allowing viewers to contribute to the content creation process.

10 Things the Creator Hated about Working on Cruise Ships

The video by The Shiplife delves into the ten things the creator specifically disliked about working on cruise ships. These include the lack of privacy, the demanding work schedule, the confinement of living on a ship, the hierarchical structure, the limited access to amenities, the challenges of maintaining a social life, the pressures of guest satisfaction, the lack of job security, the low wages, and the sacrifice of personal life.

Earnings and Compensation

The video provides information on the earnings and compensation of crew members working on NCL cruise ships. The creator discusses the various positions available and the different salary ranges associated with each. They emphasize that the wages can vary greatly depending on the specific job role and the individual’s level of experience. The video aims to provide transparency regarding the financial aspect of working on cruise ships.

Cruise Ship Cabins for Crew Members

Another topic covered in the video is the living conditions of crew members on NCL cruise ships. The creator shares their firsthand experience and provides insight into what cruise ship cabins for crew members typically look like. They discuss the limited space, communal facilities, and the challenges of living in close quarters with coworkers.

Keywords Related to the Content

To ensure a comprehensive understanding of the video and its content, we have compiled a list of keywords related to working on cruise ships. These keywords include cruise ship, largest cruise ship in the world, working on cruise ships, solo cruising, vacations, Royal Caribbean, Carnival, trouble for cruise lines, and cruise ship employees. Understanding these keywords will help facilitate a deeper understanding of the topics discussed in the video.


It is important to note that The Shiplife, the creator of the video, is not affiliated with any cruise line or travel agency. The video and the content contained within it are solely for entertainment purposes. The opinions and commentary expressed should not be taken as fact or advice. Viewers should exercise their judgment and conduct further research before making any decisions or forming any opinions related to the topics discussed in the video.

NCL’s Decision to Remove Guest Privileges

Reasons for the Decision

NCL has recently made the decision to remove guest privileges for crew members. These privileges were typically awarded to officers, entertainment staff, and high-ranking crew members as a way to enhance their experience onboard the ship. NCL has stated that this decision is aimed at ensuring a better experience for their guests.

Speaker’s Perspective

The creator of the video, who is a former employee of NCL, shares their perspective on this decision. They understand the concept of higher-ranking members having privileges, but they find it unfair to take away privileges that have been granted to crew members for years. The speaker believes that crew members who sacrificed their personal lives and showed loyalty to the company during the pandemic deserve to enjoy these privileges.

Impact of the Pandemic

The pandemic had a significant impact on the cruise industry, with crew members being stuck on ships without access to amenities for extended periods of time. The video highlights the challenges faced by crew members during this time, including the sacrifices they made and their dedication to the company. The speaker emphasizes the toll this took on crew members’ mental and emotional well-being.

Disappointment and Anger

The decision by NCL to prioritize guest experience over crew well-being has caused disappointment and anger among crew members. The speaker expresses their frustration with the company’s choice and believes that happy crew members contribute to a better overall cruise experience. The speaker notes that other cruise lines, like Virgin Voyages, prioritize crew well-being and offer more favorable benefits.

Previous Negative Decisions by NCL

The video highlights that this is not the first time NCL has made decisions that negatively impact their crew members. The creator briefly mentions a past incident involving limitations on crew members’ ability to take short leave during shore visits. While the specific details are not provided, it is clear that crew members have experienced previous restrictions that have affected their work-life balance.


In conclusion, the video by The Shiplife provides a candid look into the negative aspects of working on NCL cruise ships. The creator shares their personal experiences and opinions, shedding light on issues such as long working hours, limited access to amenities, low wages, and the recent decision to remove guest privileges. The video also explores the earnings and compensation of crew members, as well as the living conditions in cruise ship cabins. Overall, it offers valuable insights into the challenges faced by those working in the cruise industry and raises important questions about the treatment of crew members.

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