Royal Gathering and Indulgent Brunch at Palo: A Vlog by Adam Hattan

In Adam Hattan’s vlog titled “Royal Gathering and Indulgent Brunch at Palo,” he takes viewers along on his Disney Cruise Line adventure aboard the Disney Dream ship in June 2023. The vlog covers various highlights, including a visit to Chania in Crete, a day at sea, tips for exploring European ports, and an indulgent brunch at Palo. Adam shares his experiences, from relaxing at Satellite Falls to enjoying pre-dinner cocktails at Enchanted Garden. The vlog concludes with a reflection on the friendships formed during the cruise and a teaser for Adam’s upcoming Disney Cruise Line series with his friend Gary C.

As the video begins, Adam greets viewers in Chania, Greece, showcasing the stunning view. He takes advantage of a complimentary shuttle to explore the town. Although many places are closed due to it being a Sunday, Adam makes the most of his time by sightseeing and even discovers a Starbucks. He also takes a moment to express his love for HelloFresh, a meal delivery service that simplifies his cooking routine. Adam offers viewers a special discount code to try HelloFresh for themselves.

Planning the Disney Cruise Line Trip

Choosing the Disney Dream ship

If you’re planning a Disney Cruise Line trip, one of the first decisions you’ll need to make is which ship to sail on. The Disney Dream ship is a popular choice for many reasons. It offers a variety of onboard activities and amenities that cater to both adults and children. From luxurious staterooms to world-class dining options, the Disney Dream ship provides an unforgettable cruise experience for the whole family. It also has a spacious deck with plenty of seating areas, allowing you to relax and enjoy the stunning views of the ocean. Overall, the Disney Dream ship is an excellent choice for a fun and magical vacation at sea.

June 2023 trip

If you’re considering a Disney Cruise Line trip, June 2023 is a great time to go. The weather is typically warm and pleasant, perfect for enjoying outdoor activities on and off the ship. The European ports that the Disney Dream ship visits during this time offer a unique cultural experience, allowing you to explore historical sites, taste delicious local cuisine, and immerse yourself in the beauty of these charming destinations. Whether you’re a history buff or a foodie, June 2023 is an ideal time to embark on a Disney Cruise Line adventure.

European ports and visiting Chania

One of the highlights of Adam Hattan’s Disney Cruise Line trip was visiting Chania in Crete, Greece. Chania is a picturesque port town known for its charming alleys, cobbled streets, and beautiful marina. Adam had the opportunity to explore the town, soak in the local culture, and indulge in some gelato. However, he mentioned that since it was a Sunday, many places were closed, which is something to keep in mind when planning your visit. Despite this, Chania still provided a lovely and memorable experience for Adam, showcasing the beauty and uniqueness of European ports.

Royal Gathering and Indulgent Brunch at Palo: A Vlog by Adam Hattan

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Adam Hattan’s Disney Experience

Adam Hattan is a passionate Disney enthusiast who loves visiting Disney Parks and sailing with Disney Cruise Line. His vlog showcases his love for all things Disney and provides a glimpse into his magical journeys. From Walt Disney World to Disneyland Paris, Disneyland in California, and Disney Cruise Line, Adam immerses himself in the enchantment and joy that Disney has to offer. His vlogs capture the excitement and wonder of each experience, allowing viewers to join him on his adventures and share in his love for all things Disney.

Activities on board the Disney Dream ship

During his Disney Cruise Line trip on the Disney Dream ship, Adam Hattan enjoyed a range of activities that the ship has to offer. From relaxing by the Satellite Falls pool with a good book to getting a hot stone massage at the Senses Spa, Adam made the most of his time onboard. He also mentioned enjoying pre-dinner cocktails and dinner at the Enchanted Garden restaurant, which offers a delightful dining experience in a beautiful setting. These activities, among others, provided Adam with a balance of relaxation, entertainment, and culinary delights during his Disney Cruise Line journey.

Highlights of the Last Day at Sea

The final day at sea on a Disney Cruise Line trip is often filled with memorable moments and special experiences. Adam Hattan’s last day onboard the Disney Dream ship was no exception. He started the day with a brunch at Palo, a restaurant known for its indulgent and highly recommended food. After enjoying the delicious meal, Adam had the pleasure of meeting Disney princesses Tiana, Ariel, and Cinderella during the Royal Gathering activity. He also took some time to relax in his stateroom, watching the movie Sister Act and savoring a cheese plate. These activities allowed Adam to make the most of his last day at sea, creating lasting memories before disembarking from the ship.

Review of the Cruise and Future Plans

As Adam Hattan’s Disney Cruise Line trip came to an end, he took the time to reflect on the highlights of the journey and areas where improvements could be made. He expressed his satisfaction with the overall experience, emphasizing the relationships he formed with fellow passengers as one of the trip’s highlights. Adam also mentioned potential areas for improvement, such as updating menus and addressing noise issues on certain decks. Looking ahead, Adam shared his plans for a future Disney Cruise Line series with his friend Gary C, hinting at more exciting adventures to come. He encouraged viewers to subscribe to his channel to stay updated on his upcoming content.

Dining Experiences on the Disney Cruise Line

When it comes to dining on a Disney Cruise Line ship, forming connections and creating meaningful experiences is an important aspect. Adam Hattan emphasized the importance of connecting with fellow passengers during meal times, sharing conversations and laughter over delicious food. He expressed his gratitude for the time spent with viewers and fellow guests, highlighting the friendships made during the cruise. Adam also shared his dining experiences at specific restaurants, such as Palo and Enchanted Garden. These two dining options provided him with exceptional meals and a memorable ambiance, enhancing his overall Disney Cruise Line experience.

Importance of forming connections on the cruise

One of the most valuable aspects of a Disney Cruise Line trip is the opportunity to form connections with other guests. Adam Hattan highlighted the importance of engaging in conversations and getting to know fellow passengers during meal times. These connections can enhance the cruise experience, making it more enjoyable and memorable for everyone involved. By embracing the spirit of friendship and creating meaningful connections, guests can create lasting memories and forge relationships that extend beyond the cruise itself.

Gratitude for time spent with viewers and farewell

As Adam Hattan concluded his Disney Cruise Line vlog, he expressed his gratitude for the time spent with viewers and fellow passengers. He acknowledged the importance of the Disney community and the support he received throughout his journey. Adam’s friendly tone and warm farewell conveyed his appreciation for the shared experiences and the connections made during the trip. The vlog ended with sound effects of an air whoosh and magical music, creating a sense of joy and wonder that encapsulates the Disney Cruise Line experience.

In conclusion, Adam Hattan’s vlog about his Disney Cruise Line trip on the Disney Dream ship in June 2023 provided viewers with a comprehensive and friendly look into his experiences. From planning the trip and choosing the ship to highlighting specific activities and dining experiences, Adam’s vlog offered valuable insights and tips for anyone considering a Disney Cruise Line adventure. By sharing his love for Disney Parks and emphasizing the importance of forming connections with others, Adam created a sense of camaraderie and joy that resonated with viewers. As he mentioned future plans and expressed his gratitude, Adam invited viewers to subscribe and join him on upcoming Disney Cruise Line series, promising more magical adventures to come.

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In the last Disney Cruise Line vlog of this series, you make port in Chania (Crete) and enjoy a Day at Sea onboard the beautiful Disney Dream ship. Adam Hattan shares his tips and tricks in taking a trip off the ship in a European port, reviewing Palo Brunch, and giving you an overview of the experience when it comes to saying goodbye to your Disney Cruise Line vacation.


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Adam Hattan is a family-friendly theme park and cruise vlogger from the United Kingdom, who often vlogs the magic of Disney Parks. He loves going to Walt Disney World, Disneyland Paris, Disneyland in California, and sailing with Disney Cruise Line. He’s excited to be sharing this magical Disney Wish vlog series with you!


You start out day 6 waking in your Deluxe Family Oceanview Stateroom with Verandah, showing you the lovely view of the bay. Adam then takes the complimentary shuttle from the port into Chania town. There, he has a little explore of the marina, alleys, and cobbled streets; not forgetting to treat himself to some gelato.

Back on the Disney Dream, Adam spends the afternoon relaxing by Satellite Falls with his book and reviews a hot stone massage at the Senses Spa. Later, Jen and Adam grab a pre-dinner cocktail before dinner in Enchanted Garden. After dinner, they pop to Evolution for a British Pop Music Quiz, before turning in for the night.

During your last day onboard the Disney Dream, you enjoy a day at sea. This was a very chilled day, spent inhaling a delicious meal at Palo for Brunch, meeting Princess Tiana, Ariel, and Cinderella in the Atrium as part of the Royal Gathering activity, and chilling in the stateroom with Sister Act and a cheese plate.

Your last meal was at your favorite restaurant; Royal Palace. You say goodbye to your amazing service team then wrap up the cruise with a ‘trip report’ style sit down at the end. Here you share your highlights of the trip and where you think there’s room for improvement.

Adam will be back with a Disney Cruise Line series with his friend Gary C! Make sure you go and check out Jen’s channel in the meantime. But he does hope you choose to subscribe to catch the new vlogs he’s got coming up. Happy Sailing and thank you so much for watching this series.

NOTES: Adam Hattan is a UK based vlogger who focuses on bringing you fun and informative vlogs, the whole family can enjoy (parental guidance is recommended for all videos). He films on a Canon G7X Mark III (3) compact camera.

No content in this video represents the views, opinions, or operation practices of the Walt Disney Company or any of its affiliates or subsidiaries. This content is not endorsed by, approved by, or representative of The Walt Disney Company or any of its affiliates. All content represents only that of Adam Hattan.

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