The Split Bathroom and Amenities in the Disney Magic Stateroom

Welcome aboard the Disney Magic for a Silver Anniversary at Sea sailing! We recently sailed on a 4 night Bahamian cruise out of Port Miami on the beautiful Disney Magic for the very first time! Embarkation day is always a fun one, as you get to explore the ship and learn your way around (especially if it is new to you!). In this video, we take you on a room tour of our deluxe inside stateroom, Cabin 5020, which actually turned out to be a “secret” room! This room has a porthole, so we essentially got an oceanview room for the price of an inside stateroom! We then explored the ship and take you on a tour of both the inside and outside decks before heading to dinner at Lumiere’s and Tangled: The Musical. There will be 4 vlogs in this series, so be sure to check them all out! Be sure to SUBSCRIBE so you never miss a video! Follow us on Instagram! @MattAndAlexVlogs #disneycruiseline #disneycruise #disneymagic

All right Please Already feel like the size difference in The ship this is one of like the secret Rooms [Music] Hello from the parking garage at Port Miami we are back it’s time to go on Another Disney cruise this time we’re Gonna be going on the Disney Magic for The silver anniversary at Sea first time On the magic and we are so excited I am So excited we are going to be Celebrating our anniversary and Matt’s Birthday on this trip and like Matt said We’ve never been on the ship so I’m Super excited to compare it to the dream And the fantasy yeah and we’ve never Been to this port either so this is an Entirely new experience for us but we Just had a very long almost four hour Drive and I’m ready to get on that ship So let’s head in and there it is the Disney Magic we’re just waiting for the Elevators to get over to the port now But we got this nice view of kind of Like half the ship this building here is Blocking half of it but I am so excited And here we are Terminal C Disney Cruise Line I will say this is not as nice as Port Canaveral but doesn’t matter we’re Getting on yeah it’s time to check in we Made it through security now it’s time To check it so the check-in process was Very very easy it took us less than five Minutes in line to get checked in now We’re gonna get on that was so super Quick and easy and now we’re about to Step foot on the ship yeah it’s open Boarding so we can just get on yeah even Though we’re only here a little bit After our boarding time yeah and they Said that our stateroom should be ready We could go drop our stuff off and then We’re in Port Canaveral before you get On the ship they have a couple of the Photo backdrops here so you can get your Family picture before you step on here We go we’re stepping on to the gangway Few more steps we’ll be on the magic This is just always so exciting I know Especially because this is a new ship That we’ve ever been on so I’m really Excited to see what it’s like all right Here we go Thank you Wow Thank you Wow this is beautiful Definitely a different feel versus the Other ships but I’m so excited to be on The magic experience one of the smaller Original ones it has all the 25th Anniversary banners and decorations Looks like gloomiers one of the Restaurants is right here and they have The little stage area there’s the Staircase This is real pretty and there is Mickey Steering the ship the icon of the Disney Magic this is so awesome another one to Check off with us there’s a good photo Opportunity with his 25th anniversary Backdrop over here in the lobby Atrium As well so the Ford Adventure Booth is Right over in the front too and we’re Just trying to figure out how to get to Like the elevators oh here they are Here’s the elevators and the stairs if They could go to our room first and drop Off our bags the elevators are a little Busy so we’re gonna take the stairs we Have to go up to deck five and this is The silver anniversary at Sea crew so You can see they have all the windows Decorated with those decals so all we Did so far was walk up the stairs to Deck five and I can already feel like The size difference in the ship it’s Definitely a lot smaller it feels like Nice and cozy so I’m excited to like get Out drop our bags off and explore a Little bit more but yeah right away you Can notice the difference so we made it Over to our room we are State Room 50 20. so we are in room 50 20 on the Disney Magic and it is an inside Stateroom but we got really lucky Because this is one of the like secret Ocean View State rooms so we do have a Porthole which we’ll show you and I’m Really excited because we’ve only ever Stayed in a veranda so this is our first Time in like an inside or Ocean View State room so um we’re gonna take you Around and show you what it’s like yeah So we’re going to start right over here So right when you first come in on your Left hand side is one half of the Bathroom this is a split bathroom so you Have a toilet and a sink in here you Have a little rack where you can put you Know any of your makeup or anything you Need for your hair while you’re over There of course you have a mirror with Some lights over here as well and they Also have A hair dryer I’m not even sure what this Is and then of course as you can see Right across the way is your closet you Have your safe with a couple of Cubbies Down there some hangers Over here as well then as we slide these Doors open you can see there’s another Side of the closet so pretty big closet Space of course you have space up top Where the life jackets are there’s a Good amount of hangers in this room and A pro tip is to always bring some extra Hangers because usually there’s not Enough but in this room there actually Is a good amount so like I mentioned This does have a split bathroom that is The room that we just showed you right On the other side of the wall is the Rest of the bathroom with another sink Which is nice it’s really good for two People getting ready at the same time You have a full-size mirror there as Well and then here is the shower The showers are tight on cruise ships no Matter which Cruise Line you’re going on Unless you’re staying in concierge level In like one of the Suites but the Showers are tight it looks pretty Similar to the fantasy and the dream so Those are the bathrooms and now as we’re Coming into the room we have some more Storage over here with some drawers you Have a little Shelf with some some Glasses you could put some more things There’s this great photo of Walton Lily Over here from 1934 on the deck of a Ship you can see he’s holding Mickey Mouse in his hands And then we turn this way and here’s the Bed Always one of the highlights of staying On a Disney cruise ship is how Comfortable the mattress is there’s Another mirror here too which is great This is like an actual full-size mirror So you can see like your entire outfit You have your little nightstands Over there there’s going to be no USBS Over in these nightstands because the Ship is one of the original Disney Cruise Line ships so no USBS at the Nightstands but so far so good Different over Here right you know how there’s Yep there isn’t in this room and I think On the fantasy there was also shelves Over near like the area where you just Showed them where the glasses are and That’s not so I think that’s what’s Different yeah and they were they’re Like cabinet doors yeah yeah but there Are a lot of drawers and storage over Here as…

The Split Bathroom and Amenities in the Disney Magic Stateroom

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Welcome to your deluxe inside stateroom with a porthole on the Disney Magic! This room is truly a hidden gem as it offers an ocean view for the price of an inside stateroom. As you enter, you’ll notice the split bathroom with a toilet, sink, and shower. This setup allows for more convenience and efficiency when getting ready for your day or evening activities.

Next, let’s take a look at the closet that comes with a safe and hangers. You’ll have plenty of space to store your belongings and keep them secure. Additionally, there’s storage space, a mini fridge, and a TV in the room for your convenience and entertainment.

One of the delightful surprises you’ll find in your stateroom are the towel animals and chocolates left by the staff. These small touches add a touch of whimsy and excitement to your cruise experience.

Ship and Amenities

The Disney Magic is celebrating its 25th anniversary, and you’ll see banners and decorations throughout the ship to mark this special occasion. The lobby atrium is also adorned with a 25th Anniversary backdrop, offering a perfect spot for commemorative photos.

Compared to other Disney ships, the Disney Magic has a slightly different feel. It is smaller and more cozy, giving it a unique charm. You’ll find a wide range of activities and amenities on board, catering to both kids and adults. From kids clubs to adult pools and entertainment shows, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

When exploring the ship, take a moment to grab a refreshing drink or water before heading back to your stateroom. You can also enjoy the serene atmosphere by walking around on deck at night and early morning. Don’t forget to bring refillable water bottles for fresh cold water in your room. And if you find yourself craving a late-night snack, Pinocchio’s pizzeria is open until midnight!

If you’re curious about crowd levels during a port day, the Disney Magic offers a unique perspective. You can choose to stay on the ship and enjoy the amenities while others disembark to explore the port of call.

Dining Experience

During your cruise on the Disney Magic, you’ll have the opportunity to dine at Lumiere’s restaurant. The menu at Lumiere’s is similar to the Royal Court on other Disney ships, offering a delectable selection of dishes.

One thing to note is that Lumiere’s does not guarantee private tables for dinner. You may be seated with other families, providing an opportunity to meet fellow cruisers and make new friends.

As a special treat, you may also receive a birthday gift certificate for a spa treatment. This adds an extra touch of relaxation and pampering to your cruise experience.

Entertainment and Activities

The Walt Disney Theater on the Disney Magic presents a variety of shows and performances, and one not to be missed is “Tangled: The Musical.” This Broadway-style show brings the beloved Disney movie to life with impressive sets, talented performers, and unforgettable music. Be sure to catch this spectacular performance during your cruise.

In addition to watching shows, there are countless activities and entertainment options on the ship. Whether you’re interested in attending the adult game show or participating in other onboard activities, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to have fun and make lasting memories.

Looking forward to the rest of your cruise, you’re excited to explore new things and experience all that the Disney Magic has to offer. You’ve decided to stay on the ship during the Nassau port day, taking advantage of the ship’s amenities without the crowds of a port excursion.

Throughout your cruise adventure, you plan to document and share your experiences through videos. By doing so, you hope to inspire others and capture the magic of your Silver Anniversary at Sea.

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Welcome aboard the Disney Magic for a Silver Anniversary at Sea sailing! We recently embarked on a 4 night Bahamian cruise out of Port Miami on the magnificent Disney Magic for the very first time! Your embarkation day is always exciting, as you have the opportunity to explore the ship and familiarize yourself with the layout (especially if it is your first time!). In this video, we will take you on a tour of our deluxe inside stateroom, Cabin 5020, which turned out to be a “secret” room! This room has a porthole, giving you essentially an oceanview room for the price of an inside stateroom! After that, we will explore the ship and guide you through both the inside and outside decks before heading to dinner at Lumiere’s and Tangled: The Musical.

There will be 4 vlogs in this series, so make sure to check them all out!

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