The view from the veranda is incredible, with the possibility of spotting whales and other wildlife

The view from the veranda is incredible on the Disney Wonder Cruise in Alaska in 2023. This vlog by Theme Park Express takes you on a 7-night Disney Cruise vacation, starting with breakfast at Tim Hortons and navigating through the boarding process at Canada Place. The sail away party, dinner at Palo, and the anticipation of spotting whales and other wildlife make this embarkation day truly memorable. Follow along with the adventure on Twitter and Instagram at @themeparkexpres, and be sure to check out the 2022 Alaska Disney Cruise Playlist. Prepare for the magic and wonder of the Disney Cruise Line as you embark on an unforgettable journey to Alaska.

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Embarkation Day

Welcome to the first day of your seven-night Alaskan Disney Cruise on the Disney Wonder! Embarkation day is always an exciting time filled with anticipation and adventure. Let’s take a closer look at the boarding process at Canada Place, the sail away party, checking in bags at the Express Checkouts, and customs and security clearance.

The view from the veranda is incredible, with the possibility of spotting whales and other wildlife

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Boarding process at Canada Place

As you arrive at Canada Place, you’ll be greeted by the iconic Disney Cruise Line sign, signaling the start of your magical journey. Hassle-free check-in awaits you at Hall C, where Pearl Platinum guests have a dedicated check-in line to expedite the process. Make sure to have your Port Arrival Time handy, as it helps streamline the boarding process. Don’t forget to take advantage of any special photo opportunities, such as the 25th Anniversary photo op. Once you’ve completed check-in, you’ll receive a fancy wristband, signaling that you’re ready to embark on your Alaskan adventure.

Sail away party and chaos of buying merchandise on the first day

After completing the boarding process, get ready to join in on the excitement of the sail away party. Characters dressed in their 25th anniversary outfits will be there to commemorate the special occasion. You’ll be filled with energy and excitement as the ship sets sail towards Alaska. But be prepared for a bit of chaos as guests rush to buy merchandise on the first day. Alaska and 25th anniversary-themed souvenirs will be available for purchase, so make sure to grab your favorites before they sell out.

Checking in bags at Express Checkouts

One of the convenient perks of staying at the Pan Pacific Hotel is the option to check your bags directly at the Express Checkouts. The hotel staff will collect your luggage, attach the necessary tags, and ensure they safely reach your stateroom on the Disney Wonder. This frees you up to enjoy pre-cruise activities without the hassle of carrying heavy bags.

Customs and security clearance at Canada Place

Before stepping on board the Disney Wonder, you’ll go through customs and security clearance at Canada Place. This is a necessary process to ensure the safety and security of all passengers. Be prepared to present your necessary travel documents and go through the required security screening. Once you’ve completed this step, you’ll be one step closer to starting your unforgettable Disney Cruise experience.

Pan Pacific Hotel

Now that you’ve successfully boarded the Disney Wonder, let’s take a look at the Pan Pacific Hotel, where you stayed prior to embarkation. This hotel offers a range of benefits, including the convenience of taking your bags directly to the cruise line. Additionally, you had the opportunity to indulge in some delicious breakfast options at Tim Hortons, a nearby restaurant known for its bagels and donuts.

Pan Pacific Hotel offers the benefit of taking bags to the cruise line

One of the standout features of the Pan Pacific Hotel is their service of taking your bags directly to the cruise line. This saves you time and effort, allowing you to enjoy pre-cruise activities without the burden of carrying heavy luggage. Simply fill out the luggage tags provided by the hotel and attach them to your bags. The next time you see your bags, they’ll be waiting for you in your stateroom on the Disney Wonder.

Tim Hortons is a restaurant near the Pan Pacific Hotel with breakfast options

Located just a short walk away from the Pan Pacific Hotel, Tim Hortons offers a variety of breakfast options to satisfy your cravings before embarking on your cruise. From delicious bagels to mouthwatering donuts, you’ll find a wide selection of breakfast favorites to choose from. Take your time to savor the flavors and fuel up for an exciting day ahead.

Elevators at Pan Pacific change carpets daily to indicate the date

A unique touch at the Pan Pacific Hotel is the daily changing carpets in the elevators. Each day, the carpets are switched out to display the date, ensuring that you never lose track of time during your vacation. It’s a small detail that adds to the overall experience and keeps you in the cruise spirit throughout your stay.

Walking distance from Pan Pacific to Canada Place for pre-cruise activities

One of the major advantages of staying at the Pan Pacific Hotel is its close proximity to Canada Place, where you’ll embark on your cruise. It’s just a short walk away, allowing you to easily participate in pre-cruise activities and photo opportunities. Whether you want to explore the area, grab some last-minute items from nearby shops, or simply take in the stunning views, everything is conveniently within walking distance.

Stateroom Experience

Now that you’re settled on board the Disney Wonder, let’s dive into your stateroom experience. Your stateroom, 6596, offers a comfortable and cozy space for you to relax and unwind throughout your cruise. From the surprising size and quality of the veranda to the unique views from the starboard side, let’s explore all the features your stateroom has to offer.

Room tour of stateroom 6596

Step inside your stateroom and let’s take a tour of all its wonderful features. Stateroom 6596 offers ample space and thoughtful design to ensure a comfortable stay. The split bathrooms provide convenience, allowing multiple guests to get ready simultaneously. The closet space is generous, accommodating all your belongings. The bed is cozy and inviting, ensuring a restful night’s sleep. And the desk is a convenient spot for any work or leisure activities you might wish to pursue during your cruise.

Veranda is larger and nicer than expected

As you step out onto the veranda, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by its size and quality. The veranda offers ample room to relax and take in the stunning views of the Alaskan scenery. Whether you’re enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning or stargazing at night, this outdoor space is a true highlight of your stateroom experience.

View from starboard side is different from previous cruise on port side

If you’ve previously sailed on the port side of the ship, you’ll notice a difference in the views from the starboard side. Each side offers its own unique perspectives and scenery, allowing you to compare and appreciate the diverse landscapes. Keep an eye out for wildlife and natural wonders as you sail through the breathtaking Alaskan waters.

Room on opposite side of ship allows comparison of views

Having a stateroom on the opposite side of the ship provides you with the opportunity to compare and contrast the views from both sides. Take advantage of this unique position and enjoy the ever-changing scenery that unfolds before your eyes. You’ll have double the opportunities to spot wildlife, take photos, and create lasting memories of your Alaskan adventure.

Gifts and Amenities

During your cruise, you were treated to some wonderful gifts and amenities from the Disney Cruise Line. From new lanyards and card holders to upgraded Castaway Club bags, these thoughtful gestures added to the magic of your experience. Let’s explore the gifts you received as a Gold and Platinum Castaway Club member and how they enhanced your journey.

Received new lanyards and card holders as gifts

As a valued member of the Castaway Club, you were gifted new lanyards and card holders. These practical and stylish accessories serve as a reminder of your special status and enhance your overall cruising experience. You can proudly display your Key to the World card and other important documents while keeping them easily accessible.

Castaway club bags are now totes made of nicer material

The Castaway Club bags, which you received as part of your membership, have seen an upgrade. Made of nicer material, these totes offer durability and style. They are perfect for carrying your belongings during excursions or simply strolling around the ship. The upgraded design adds a touch of elegance to your cruise experience.

Gold Castaway Club members receive wet dry bag and tote bag

Gold Castaway Club members like yourself were treated to additional gifts, including a wet dry bag and a tote bag. The wet dry bag is a practical accessory for keeping wet or sandy items separate from your other belongings. The tote bag offers additional carrying capacity and is perfect for storing souvenirs or other items obtained during your excursions.

Platinum Castaway Club members receive beach towel, in addition to other gifts

As a Platinum Castaway Club member, you received even more exclusive gifts. One of the highlights is a beach towel, perfect for lounging by the pool or taking to the shores during your port visits. This towel serves as a memento of your Platinum status and provides comfort and convenience throughout your cruise.

Sail Away and Entertainment

The sail away experience on the Disney Wonder is always a memorable event filled with excitement and entertainment. From attending the assembly drill and enjoying the sail away party to exploring the available merchandise, let’s delve into these unforgettable moments.

Attended assembly drill on deck 4

Safety is always a top priority on any cruise ship, and the Disney Wonder is no exception. Before setting sail, all guests are required to attend an assembly drill. This important drill familiarizes everyone with the emergency procedures and ensures that everyone knows where to go and what to do in case of an emergency. It’s a necessary step to ensure the safety and well-being of all passengers.

Headed to top deck for sail away and need to go to deck 10

After the assembly drill, it’s time to head to the top deck for the sail away experience. As the ship departs from the port, you’ll want to find a prime spot to take in the breathtaking views and bid farewell to the city. Keep in mind that if you plan to watch the sail away from the top deck, you may need to make your way to deck 10 to catch the best vantage point.

There was a sail-away party with characters in their 25th anniversary outfits

To add to the excitement of the sail away, Disney Cruise Line hosts a sail-away party on deck. This lively celebration features characters dressed in their special 25th anniversary outfits, creating a festive atmosphere for all guests. It’s a wonderful opportunity to join in the fun, dance, and capture unforgettable memories with your favorite Disney characters.

Alaska merchandise and 25th anniversary merchandise were available for purchase

As you settle into your cruise, you’ll have the chance to explore the merchandise available on board. Alaska-themed souvenirs and special 25th anniversary merchandise are on offer, allowing you to bring a piece of the magic home. Browse through the selection and find the perfect mementos to commemorate your Alaskan Disney Cruise adventure.

Dining at Palo

Palo, the upscale restaurant on board the Disney Wonder, offers a dining experience like no other. From its elegant ambiance to its delectable menu, Palo is highly recommended for a memorable dinner on your first night at sea. Let’s take a closer look at what makes Palo special and how it surpassed your expectations.

The Paolo restaurant offers upscale service and decor

As you step into Palo, you’ll be immersed in an atmosphere of sophistication and elegance. The upscale service and beautifully designed decor set the stage for a truly extraordinary dining experience. From the attentive staff to the stunning views from the restaurant, every detail has been carefully crafted to ensure a memorable evening.

Palo is a highly recommended restaurant

Palo consistently receives rave reviews, and it’s no wonder why. The restaurant’s dedication to providing exceptional culinary experiences has made it a guest favorite. The combination of exquisite flavors, impeccable service, and breathtaking views creates a dining experience like no other. Whether it’s your first time or a returning visit, Palo is a must-try restaurant on the Disney Wonder.

Platinum guests receive a free Palo meal or a $45 credit towards their meal

As a Platinum Castaway Club member, you enjoyed a special benefit when dining at Palo. You were able to choose between a complimentary Palo meal or a $45 credit towards your meal. This added perk allowed you to indulge in the restaurant’s exquisite offerings without worrying about the additional cost. It’s a wonderful way to thank loyal guests for their continued support.

The food at Palo is delicious and the service is attentive

Once you’ve settled into your table at Palo, prepare to be delighted by the culinary creations before you. The menu at Palo features a range of delectable dishes, each crafted with care and precision. From mouthwatering appetizers to succulent main courses and decadent desserts, every bite is a flavor sensation. Pair your meal with a perfectly selected wine, and you’re in for a truly unforgettable dining experience. The service at Palo is attentive and personalized, ensuring that every guest’s needs are met with care and professionalism.

The total cost for the meal, including gratuity, was $30 over budget

While the dining experience at Palo was exquisite, it’s worth noting that the total cost of the meal, including gratuity, exceeded your initial budget by $30. The quality and service provided by Palo are reflected in the price. However, it’s essential to plan your dining expenses accordingly to avoid any unexpected surprises. Despite the deviation from your budget, the overall experience at Palo was well worth it.

Evening Activities

After a delightful dinner at Palo, the evening continued with a series of enjoyable activities. From capturing family photos in the ship’s serene atrium to speculating about the towel animal that would be awaiting you in your stateroom, these moments added to the enchantment of the day.

After dinner, the guests took family photos in the quiet ship atrium

Following your sumptuous meal at Palo, the ship’s serene atrium provided the perfect backdrop for family photos. With its elegant decor and peaceful ambiance, the atrium offered a tranquil setting to capture cherished memories. Gathered together in this beautiful space, you were able to create lasting keepsakes that would forever remind you of your Alaskan Disney Cruise.

They returned to their stateroom and speculated on the towel animal they would find

Upon returning to your stateroom, excitement filled the air as you anticipated the arrival of the evening’s towel animal. Disney Cruise Line is known for their imaginative towel creations that greet guests each night. The joy of discovering what animal would be awaiting you added an element of anticipation to your evening routine. The towel animal tradition is a whimsical touch that brings smiles and laughter to guests of all ages.

The guest received a waterproof Bluetooth speaker as an unboxing video for later

As an added surprise, you received a waterproof Bluetooth speaker. This thoughtful gift not only enhanced your onboard experience but also provided material for an unboxing video to be recorded later. The speaker’s durability and versatility made it the perfect companion for any future adventures. It allowed you to enjoy your favorite music even while exploring the beautiful Alaskan landscapes.


Embarkation day marked the beginning of your extraordinary seven-night Alaskan Disney Cruise. From the boarding process at Canada Place to the sail away party, every moment was filled with anticipation and joy. The Pan Pacific Hotel offered convenient amenities and a comfortable stay, ensuring a seamless transition to the cruise ship. Your stateroom experience surpassed expectations, with its spacious layout and stunning veranda views. The gifts and amenities provided by Disney Cruise Line added an extra touch of magic to your journey.

Dining at Palo was a highlight, offering upscale service, delicious cuisine, and a memorable evening. Despite the slight budget deviation, the overall experience was well worth it. The evening concluded with delightful activities, including family photos and the anticipation of the towel animal. The waterproof Bluetooth speaker gift added an extra element of excitement and provided material for future adventures.

As you eagerly anticipate more Alaskan adventures, you highly recommend both Palo dinner and Palo brunch for their quality and service. With more Alaska videos to be uploaded in the future, this was just the beginning of an unforgettable journey.

You are back on board the Disney Wonder for a 7 night Alaskan Disney Cruise vacation! You have some breakfast at Tim Hortons, tackle the boarding process at Canada Place, enjoy a sail away party and have dinner at Palo! Koda FINALLY joins you on this adventure as well! Who else really loves a Disney Cruise Line embarkation Day?!

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