What Drinks Are Free On Carnival Cruise Lines

Welcome aboard to Carnival Cruise Lines, where the drinks flow freely and the good times never stop! When you set sail with Carnival, you can enjoy a variety of complimentary beverages throughout your journey. From coffee and tea to lemonade and select juices, you’ll have plenty of options to stay hydrated and refreshed as you cruise to your destination. So sit back, relax, and sip on your favorite drink as you take in the stunning views from the deck of your Carnival ship. Cheers to a fantastic vacation ahead! What Drinks Are Free On Carnival Cruise Lines

Hey there! Planning a cruise with Carnival Cruise Lines and wondering about the complimentary drinks available onboard? You’ve come to the right place! Let’s dive into the wonderful world of free beverages that you can enjoy while sailing the high seas with Carnival.

Complimentary Drinks

Carnival Cruise Lines offers a variety of complimentary drinks that are included in your cruise fare. These drinks are available throughout the ship, so you can hydrate and enjoy a refreshing beverage at any time during your voyage.


Stay hydrated during your cruise with complimentary water available onboard. You can find water stations located in various areas of the ship, making it convenient for you to refill your water bottle or grab a glass of water whenever you need it.

Lemonade and Iced Tea

Cool off with a refreshing glass of lemonade or iced tea, available at no extra cost on Carnival Cruise Lines. These classic beverages are perfect for sipping by the pool or enjoying with your meals onboard.

What Drinks Are Free On Carnival Cruise Lines

Dining Room Beverage Options

When dining in the main dining room onboard a Carnival cruise, you’ll have access to additional complimentary beverage options to accompany your meals.

Coffee and Tea

Start your day off right with a cup of coffee or tea at breakfast in the dining room. You can also enjoy these hot beverages with your lunch and dinner. Whether you prefer black coffee, espresso, or a calming herbal tea, Carnival has you covered.

Milk, Hot Chocolate, and Juices

If you’re looking for something other than coffee or tea, you can enjoy milk, hot chocolate, and a variety of juices with your meals in the main dining room. These beverages can be a great accompaniment to your breakfast or dessert.

What Drinks Are Free On Carnival Cruise Lines

Self-Serve Beverages

Carnival Cruise Lines also provides self-serve beverage stations throughout the ship where you can help yourself to a range of complimentary drinks.

Beverage Station Locations

You’ll find self-serve beverage stations on Carnival Cruise Lines near the Lido Deck, where you can grab a beverage any time of day or night. These stations typically offer a variety of sodas, juices, and water for your enjoyment.

Soft Drinks and Juices

Quench your thirst with complimentary soft drinks and juices available at the self-serve beverage stations. Whether you prefer a classic cola, fruity juice, or sparkling soda, you can find the perfect beverage to satisfy your cravings.

What Drinks Are Free On Carnival Cruise Lines

Poolside Bars

While lounging by the pool on a Carnival cruise, you can enjoy complimentary beverages from the poolside bars.

Poolside Drink Options

The poolside bars onboard Carnival Cruise Lines offer a selection of complimentary beverages to keep you cool while soaking up the sun. You can sip on refreshing drinks like iced tea, lemonade, and select sodas as you relax by the pool.

Signature Punch

Carnival Cruise Lines is known for its signature punch, which is often offered as a complimentary beverage at the poolside bars. This fruity and refreshing drink is perfect for enjoying in the sunshine as you unwind on your cruise vacation.

What Drinks Are Free On Carnival Cruise Lines

Room Service

If you’re craving a drink in the comfort of your own cabin, you can take advantage of complimentary beverages through room service on Carnival Cruise Lines.

Room Service Beverage Options

Room service onboard Carnival Cruise Lines includes a selection of complimentary beverages that you can enjoy without leaving your cabin. You can order drinks like coffee, tea, milk, and juice to be delivered directly to your stateroom.

Refreshing Cocktails

In addition to standard beverages, room service on Carnival Cruise Lines also offers refreshing cocktails that are included in your cruise fare. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic mojito, a tropical margarita, or a refreshing daiquiri, you can enjoy a cocktail without paying extra for it.

What Drinks Are Free On Carnival Cruise Lines

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about complimentary drinks on Carnival Cruise Lines:

Are Alcoholic Beverages Included?

While many beverages are complimentary on Carnival Cruise Lines, alcoholic beverages are typically not included in the cruise fare. However, there are opportunities to purchase drink packages or individual cocktails if you’d like to enjoy alcoholic beverages during your cruise.

Can I Bring My Own Beverages?

Carnival Cruise Lines has a policy that restricts guests from bringing outside beverages onboard. This policy is in place to ensure the safety and security of all guests and crew members. However, you can purchase beverages onboard or take advantage of the complimentary options available.

Are Specialty Coffees Included?

Specialty coffees, such as lattes, cappuccinos, and other espresso-based beverages, are not typically included in the complimentary drink options on Carnival Cruise Lines. These beverages are considered specialty items and are available for an additional charge.

Can I Get Refills at Beverage Stations?

Yes! You can help yourself to refills at the self-serve beverage stations located throughout the ship. Whether you’re at the buffet, by the pool, or in a common area, you can fill up your cup with your favorite complimentary drink whenever you’d like.

What Are the Hours for Complimentary Beverages?

Complimentary beverages are available at various times throughout the day and night on Carnival Cruise Lines. Whether you’re craving a coffee in the morning, a soda in the afternoon, or a cocktail in the evening, you’ll have access to complimentary drinks at different locations onboard.

Enjoying Complimentary Drinks on Your Carnival Cruise

Now that you know what drinks are free on Carnival Cruise Lines, you can relax and enjoy your cruise experience without worrying about additional beverage costs. Whether you prefer a cool glass of water, a refreshing iced tea, or a tropical cocktail, Carnival has a wide range of complimentary drinks to suit your tastes.

So sit back, relax, and sip on your favorite beverages as you cruise to stunning destinations with Carnival Cruise Lines. We hope you have a fantastic time onboard and enjoy all the complimentary drinks that are included in your cruise fare. Cheers to smooth sailing and memorable moments at sea!

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