What To Do Onboard Alaska Cruise

Are you dreaming of embarking on an unforgettable adventure onboard an Alaska cruise? Look no further, because we have the ultimate guide for you. From awe-inspiring landscapes to incredible wildlife encounters, there is no shortage of exciting activities to indulge in. Get ready to immerse yourself in the beauty of glacier-carved fjords, witness majestic whales, and explore charming Alaskan towns. Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast, a nature lover, or simply seeking relaxation, there is something for everyone onboard an Alaska cruise. Get ready to create memories that will last a lifetime!

Dining Options

Main Dining Rooms

When it comes to dining options on an Alaska cruise, the main dining rooms are a must-visit. These elegant restaurants offer a variety of menu options and culinary delights to satisfy your taste buds. From delicious appetizers and soups to mouthwatering main courses and decadent desserts, the main dining rooms have something for everyone.

Specialty Restaurants

For those looking for a more intimate and unique dining experience, the specialty restaurants onboard an Alaska cruise are a must-try. These restaurants often feature a specific cuisine or theme, such as Italian, steakhouse, or seafood. With their exquisite menus and top-notch service, these specialty restaurants are perfect for a special occasion or simply indulging in a gourmet meal.

Casual Dining

If you’re looking for a more relaxed dining experience, the casual dining options onboard an Alaska cruise have got you covered. These venues offer a wide array of casual fare, including burgers, sandwiches, salads, and more. Whether you’re in the mood for a quick bite or a leisurely meal, the casual dining options provide a laid-back atmosphere without compromising on flavor.

Room Service

For ultimate convenience and relaxation, room service is available onboard an Alaska cruise. Whether you’re craving breakfast in bed, a late-night snack, or a full meal, you can have it delivered straight to your cabin. With a diverse menu and prompt service, room service allows you to enjoy a delicious meal without leaving the comfort of your room.


Broadway Shows

Bring your love of the theater to the high seas with the Broadway shows available onboard an Alaska cruise. From traditional favorites to modern hits, these spectacular performances will leave you in awe. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the incredible talent and dazzling production value that these shows have to offer.

Live Music

If you’re a music lover, you’re in for a treat on an Alaska cruise. Live music performances can be found throughout the ship, covering various genres and styles. Whether you enjoy jazz, rock, pop, or classical music, there’s something for everyone. Sit back, tap your feet, and let the melodies transport you to a state of pure bliss.

Comedy Clubs

Laughter is the best medicine, and onboard an Alaska cruise, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to indulge in some side-splitting comedy. Comedy clubs dot the ship, offering hilarious performances by talented comedians. Sit back, relax, and let the laughter wash over you as you enjoy the comedic stylings of these professional entertainers.

Dance Parties

Get your groove on at the dance parties onboard an Alaska cruise. Whether you’re a seasoned dancer or simply looking to let loose and have fun, these dance parties are the perfect place to show off your moves. From themed parties to live DJs, the energetic atmosphere and pulsating music will keep you on your feet all night long.

Fitness and Recreation

Swimming Pools

Stay cool and refreshed onboard an Alaska cruise by taking a dip in the swimming pools. With both indoor and outdoor options, you can enjoy a swim no matter the weather. Whether you’re looking to relax in the sun or get in a few laps, the swimming pools offer a refreshing break from the activities on land.

Gym and Fitness Classes

Maintain your active lifestyle while onboard an Alaska cruise with the state-of-the-art gym and fitness classes. Equipped with the latest exercise equipment, the gym provides the perfect space for a workout. Additionally, fitness classes such as yoga, Pilates, and cycling offer a fun and engaging way to stay fit while enjoying the breathtaking views of the Alaskan landscape.

Sports and Outdoor Activities

For the adventure enthusiasts, the Alaska cruise offers a range of sports and outdoor activities to get your adrenaline pumping. From basketball and volleyball courts to rock climbing walls and jogging tracks, there’s never a dull moment onboard. Challenge yourself to new heights and push your limits with these thrilling activities.

Spa and Wellness

Indulge in some pampering and relaxation at the spa and wellness facilities onboard an Alaska cruise. Treat yourself to a rejuvenating massage, unwind in the sauna or steam room, or enjoy a beauty treatment. These serene sanctuaries offer a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of the ship, allowing you to unwind and rejuvenate both your body and mind.

Onboard Activities

Lectures and Enrichment Programs

Expand your knowledge and engage your mind with the lectures and enrichment programs available onboard an Alaska cruise. From expert speakers discussing topics such as wildlife conservation and Alaskan history to workshops on photography and art, there’s something for every curious mind. Immerse yourself in these informative sessions and gain a deeper understanding of the fascinating world around you.

Art and Craft Workshops

Unleash your creative side with the art and craft workshops onboard an Alaska cruise. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or a beginner, these workshops provide an opportunity to learn new techniques and create unique masterpieces. From painting and pottery to jewelry making and scrapbooking, let your imagination soar and bring home a one-of-a-kind memento of your journey.

Cooking Demonstrations

Discover the secrets of gourmet cuisine with the cooking demonstrations onboard an Alaska cruise. Professional chefs will guide you through the preparation of various dishes, sharing their expertise and culinary tips along the way. From classic recipes to local specialties, these demonstrations provide a tantalizing glimpse into the world of culinary artistry.

Trivia and Game Shows

Put your knowledge to the test and compete in trivia and game shows onboard an Alaska cruise. Whether you’re a history buff, music aficionado, or movie trivia expert, there’s a game for you. Gather your friends and family, form a team, and see who comes out on top in these exciting and fun-filled competitions.


Duty-Free Shops

Take advantage of the duty-free shopping onboard an Alaska cruise. These shops offer a wide selection of luxury items, including perfumes, cosmetics, fashion accessories, and more. With tax-free prices, it’s the perfect opportunity to treat yourself or purchase gifts for loved ones back home.

Boutiques and Souvenir Shops

Explore the boutiques and souvenir shops onboard an Alaska cruise and discover unique treasures to commemorate your journey. From locally made handicrafts to stylish apparel and jewelry, these shops offer a wide variety of options. Take a piece of Alaska home with you and treasure the memories for years to come.

Jewelry Shops

If you’re looking for a special piece of jewelry, the jewelry shops onboard an Alaska cruise are a must-visit. From sparkling diamonds to stunning gemstones, these shops offer a wide selection of exquisite jewelry. Whether you’re looking for a beautiful gift or a personal indulgence, you’ll find something to suit your taste and style.

Alaska-themed Merchandise

Immerse yourself in the spirit of Alaska with the Alaska-themed merchandise available onboard the cruise. From t-shirts and hats to mugs and keychains, these souvenirs are the perfect way to remember your incredible journey. Show off your love for Alaska and share the joy of your experience with friends and family.

Casino and Gambling

Table Games

Feeling lucky? The casino onboard an Alaska cruise offers a variety of table games to test your skills and try your luck. From blackjack and poker to roulette and craps, you’ll find all your favorite games. Take a seat, place your bets, and let the excitement unfold as you chase the thrill of winning.

Slot Machines

Spin the reels and try your luck on the slot machines in the casino onboard an Alaska cruise. With a wide variety of themed slot games to choose from, you’ll find entertainment and excitement at every turn. Whether you prefer classic machines or the latest video slots, the slot machines offer a fun and thrilling gaming experience.


Join in the fun and excitement of bingo onboard an Alaska cruise. Gather your lucky charm and prepare to shout “bingo” as you mark off your numbers on the game card. With cash prizes and a lively atmosphere, bingo is a favorite pastime for many passengers.


For the competitive souls, the casino onboard an Alaska cruise also offers a range of tournaments. Test your skills against other passengers in poker, blackjack, or slot machine tournaments. With the chance to win exciting prizes and bragging rights, these tournaments are guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Kids and Family

Kids Clubs and Activities

Cruising with children? The kids clubs and activities onboard an Alaska cruise provide endless fun and entertainment for the little ones. From arts and crafts to movie nights and scavenger hunts, there’s never a dull moment for the kids. With age-appropriate activities and dedicated staff members, parents can relax knowing their children are in good hands.

Family Friendly Shows

Create lasting memories with the whole family at the family-friendly shows onboard an Alaska cruise. These shows are designed to entertain audiences of all ages, with dazzling performances that will captivate both adults and children. Sing along, laugh, and share the joy of these unforgettable moments with your loved ones.

Arcade and Video Games

The arcade and video games onboard an Alaska cruise are sure to be a hit with kids and adults alike. From classic arcade games to cutting-edge video game consoles, you’ll find a variety of options to keep everyone entertained. Challenge your family members to a friendly competition and see who emerges as the champion.

Outdoor Play Areas

Let the kids burn off some energy at the outdoor play areas onboard an Alaska cruise. From climbing structures and slides to splash pads and mini-golf courses, these play areas provide a safe and fun environment for children to explore and enjoy the great outdoors. Watch as their faces light up with delight as they embark on exciting adventures.


Bars and Lounges

After a day of exploring and activities, unwind and socialize at the bars and lounges onboard an Alaska cruise. From cozy and intimate lounges to lively bars with a vibrant atmosphere, there’s a venue to suit every mood. Sip on a refreshing cocktail, enjoy live music, and mingle with fellow passengers as you toast to a memorable evening.

Nightclubs and Discos

Dance the night away at the nightclubs and discos onboard an Alaska cruise. With talented DJs spinning the latest hits and a lively dance floor, these venues are perfect for letting loose and having a blast. Grab your friends, show off your moves, and make unforgettable memories on the dance floor.

Live Performances

Be captivated by the live performances onboard an Alaska cruise. From talented musicians and singers to awe-inspiring dancers and acrobats, these live performances are a feast for the senses. Sit back, relax, and let yourself be transported to a world of artistic excellence and pure entertainment.


Release your inner rockstar and take the stage at the karaoke sessions onboard an Alaska cruise. Sing your heart out to your favorite songs and let your voice be heard. Whether you’re a seasoned performer or a first-time karaoke enthusiast, the supportive and lively atmosphere will have you belting out tunes in no time.

Excursions and Shore Activities

Glacier and Wildlife Viewing

Immerse yourself in the natural wonders of Alaska with glacier and wildlife viewing excursions. Get up close and personal with magnificent glaciers, marvel at the icy blue hues, and witness the powerful calving. Keep an eye out for majestic whales, playful otters, and soaring eagles, as you cruise through pristine waters teeming with wildlife.

Dog Sledding

Experience the thrill of dog sledding on an Alaska cruise. Join a mushing team and let the energetic sled dogs take you on a thrilling journey through the snowy landscapes. Learn about the history and traditions of dog sledding from experienced mushers and create unforgettable memories as you glide through the winter wonderland.

Helicopter Tours

Take to the skies and embark on a helicopter tour to witness Alaska’s breathtaking landscapes from a unique perspective. Soar over towering mountains, vast glaciers, and cascading waterfalls as you admire the awe-inspiring beauty of this spectacular region. Capture incredible aerial photographs and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Hiking and Kayaking

Get in touch with nature on hiking and kayaking excursions in Alaska. Lace up your hiking boots and explore the rugged wilderness, surrounded by snow-capped peaks and lush forests. Alternatively, hop into a kayak and paddle through pristine waters, immersing yourself in the tranquility of this untouched paradise.

Alaska Cultural Experiences

Native Cultural Presentations

Learn about the rich Native Alaskan culture through engaging cultural presentations onboard an Alaska cruise. From traditional dance performances to storytelling and art displays, these presentations provide insight into the traditions, customs, and history of the indigenous peoples of Alaska. Immerse yourself in their fascinating world and gain a deeper appreciation for their heritage.

Alaskan Cuisine

Savor the flavors of Alaska with the Alaskan cuisine options available onboard. Indulge in fresh seafood such as salmon, halibut, and king crab, prepared by expert chefs. Sample traditional Alaskan dishes infused with local ingredients and flavors, and experience a culinary journey through this unique and diverse region.

Arts and Crafts Exhibits

Marvel at the artistic talents of Alaskan artisans with the arts and crafts exhibits onboard an Alaska cruise. From intricate wood carvings and woven baskets to stunning paintings and sculptures, these exhibits showcase the creativity and craftsmanship of the local artists. Admire their works of art and perhaps even bring home a piece of Alaskan culture.

Historical Lectures

Delve into the fascinating history of Alaska with the historical lectures onboard an Alaska cruise. Expert historians and guest speakers provide insights into the region’s past, from the gold rush era to the indigenous cultures. Expand your knowledge and gain a deeper understanding of the rich heritage that has shaped Alaska into the vibrant destination it is today.

With a wide range of activities, dining options, entertainment, and cultural experiences, an Alaska cruise offers something for everyone. Whether you’re seeking adventure in the great outdoors, indulgence in gourmet dining, or simply relaxation and entertainment, an Alaska cruise is sure to exceed your expectations. Embark on a journey to the Last Frontier and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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