What To Wear On A Carnival Cruise Ship

Hey there! Planning a vacation on a Carnival cruise ship and wondering what to wear? Look no further! In this article, we’ll provide you with some amazing tips and ideas on how to dress for the ultimate cruise experience. From chic evening attire for formal nights to comfortable and stylish outfits for casual days by the pool, we’ve got you covered. So, pack your bags and get ready to rock some fabulous ensembles while sailing the high seas with Carnival!

Formal Nights

Dresses for Women

Formal nights on a Carnival cruise ship are an exciting opportunity to dress up and feel glamorous. For women, a formal dress is the perfect choice. You can opt for a long gown with exquisite detailing or a cocktail dress that hits just above the knee. Popular fabrics for formal dresses include satin, chiffon, and lace. Feel free to experiment with different styles, such as strapless, halter-neck, or one-shoulder dresses. Make sure to choose a dress that flatters your body shape and makes you feel confident and elegant.

Suits or Tuxedos for Men

Men have the chance to look dashing and sophisticated by wearing a suit or tuxedo on formal nights. A well-tailored suit in a classic color, such as black or navy, is a timeless choice. Pair it with a crisp dress shirt and a matching tie or bowtie. If you want to go all out, a tuxedo with a satin lapel is the epitome of formal elegance. Don’t forget to complete the look with polished leather shoes and cufflinks to add the finishing touch of refinement.

Smart Casual Evenings

Women’s Clothing Options

On smart casual evenings, women have the freedom to express their personal style while still maintaining a polished look. Opt for a chic blouse or a colorful top paired with tailored pants or a skirt. Dresses are also a great choice for this dress code, as long as they are not too formal. A knee-length dress with a fun print or a wrap dress can be both stylish and appropriate for smart casual nights. Finish off your outfit with comfortable yet fashionable shoes, such as heels or flats, and accessorize with statement jewelry to add a touch of glamour.

Men’s Clothing Options

For men, smart casual evenings provide an opportunity to dress a bit more relaxed while still looking put together. Opt for a stylish button-down shirt paired with tailored trousers or khakis. You can also try wearing a blazer or a sports jacket to elevate your ensemble. Avoid wearing jeans, t-shirts, or sneakers, as they tend to lean more towards casual attire. Instead, opt for leather shoes or loafers to complement your outfit. Adding a tie is optional but can be a great way to add a touch of sophistication.

Casual Days

Sundresses or Maxi Dresses for Women

During casual days on a Carnival cruise ship, it’s all about comfort and relaxation. One of the most popular choices for women is a sundress or a maxi dress. These flowy, lightweight dresses are perfect for enjoying the sunny weather on deck or exploring the various ports of call. Opt for breathable fabrics such as cotton or linen to stay cool throughout the day. Pair your dress with comfortable sandals or flip-flops and don’t forget your sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat to protect yourself from the sun.

Khakis or Shorts for Men

For men, casual days call for laid-back and comfortable attire. Khaki pants or shorts are a great choice, as they strike the perfect balance between casual and put-together. Pair them with a lightweight, short-sleeve shirt or a polo shirt for a relaxed yet stylish look. Boat shoes or sneakers are ideal options for footwear, ensuring both comfort and style. Remember to bring a hat and sunglasses to shield yourself from the sun’s rays as you enjoy various outdoor activities on the cruise ship.


Bikinis and One-Piece Swimsuits for Women

When it comes to swimwear, women have an array of options to choose from on a Carnival cruise ship. Whether you prefer bikinis or one-piece swimsuits, the key is to choose a style that makes you feel confident and comfortable. Opt for vibrant colors, playful patterns, or flattering cuts that highlight your best features. Don’t forget to pack a cover-up or a sarong to throw on when you’re not in the water. And of course, a wide-brimmed hat and sunscreen are essential for protecting your skin from the sun’s rays.

Board Shorts or Swim Trunks for Men

For men, swimwear choices on a Carnival cruise ship often revolve around board shorts or swim trunks. These options provide comfort and flexibility for swimming, lounging by the pool, or participating in water-based activities. Choose styles and patterns that match your personality, whether it’s bold and colorful or understated and classic. Remember to bring a rash guard or a t-shirt for extra sun protection, along with a pair of comfortable sandals or flip-flops to complete your beach-ready look.

Evening Entertainment

Elegant Evening Wear for Women

For the evening entertainment onboard a Carnival cruise ship, women have the chance to dress up in elegant attire. This is the perfect opportunity to wear that little black dress you’ve been saving for a special occasion. Opt for a dress that complements your figure and personal style, whether it’s a bodycon dress, a flowy gown, or a sleek midi dress. Don’t forget to accessorize with statement jewelry, a clutch purse, and a pair of heels to add a touch of glamour to your outfit.

Smart Casual Attire for Men

Men can maintain a smart and polished look for evening entertainment by dressing in a smart casual manner. Wear a well-fitted button-down shirt with trousers or chinos. You can choose to wear a blazer or a sports jacket for added refinement. Pair your outfit with formal shoes, such as loafers or dress shoes, and complete the look with a stylish watch and coordinating accessories. It’s important to strike a balance between comfort and sophistication to ensure you’re appropriately dressed for the occasion.

Excursions and Ports of Call

Comfortable Walking Shoes

When exploring various ports of call during your Carnival cruise, comfortable walking shoes are a must. Opt for supportive sneakers, walking shoes, or sandals with arch support. Look for styles that are breathable and cushioned to ensure your feet stay comfortable throughout the day. It’s also a good idea to break in your shoes before the cruise to avoid any discomfort or blisters. Remember, you’ll be doing a lot of walking, so prioritize comfort over fashion when it comes to shoe choices.

Lightweight Clothing

As you embark on excursions and explore different destinations, lightweight clothing is key to staying comfortable and cool. Choose clothing made from breathable fabrics such as cotton or linen, as they allow air to circulate and prevent overheating. Opt for loose-fitting tops, shorts, or skirts to maximize ventilation. Don’t forget to pack a light sweater or cardigan, as some indoor spaces or evenings may be cooler. Consider bringing a hat and sunglasses for added sun protection, and perhaps a small backpack to carry essentials during your adventures.

Gym and Fitness Activities

Athletic Apparel for Both Men and Women

For those looking to stay active and make use of the gym facilities on a Carnival cruise ship, athletic apparel is a must. Women can opt for sports bras, tank tops, leggings, or shorts, while men can choose from t-shirts, tank tops, and athletic shorts. Ensure your clothing allows for easy movement and is moisture-wicking to keep you dry during workouts. Don’t forget to bring a sweat towel and a water bottle to stay hydrated. Remember, staying active on vacation doesn’t mean sacrificing style; there are plenty of fashionable and functional athletic apparel options available.

Comfortable Sneakers

Alongside your athletic apparel, be sure to pack a pair of comfortable sneakers for your gym sessions and fitness activities. Look for shoes that provide excellent cushioning, support, and stability to protect your feet during various exercises and workouts. Proper footwear is crucial to prevent injuries and ensure optimal performance. Remember, it’s always a good idea to try out your new sneakers before the cruise to ensure they fit well and provide the necessary comfort and support.

Spa and Relaxation

Comfortable Loungewear

For luxurious spa and relaxation activities onboard a Carnival cruise ship, comfortable loungewear is essential. Choose soft, cozy fabrics such as cotton or jersey for ultimate comfort. Opt for loose-fitting pants or shorts paired with a matching top or a lightweight robe. Don’t forget to bring a pair of cozy slippers or socks to keep your feet warm and relaxed. Loungewear should make you feel like you’re in your own personal oasis, allowing you to fully unwind and enjoy the spa and relaxation areas.

Bathing Suits for Spa Facilities

Most spa facilities on a Carnival cruise ship require guests to wear bathing suits, as they often include luxurious amenities such as hot tubs, saunas, and steam rooms. Ensure you pack a bathing suit that is comfortable and suitable for these facilities. Opt for classic one-piece swimsuits or two-piece bikinis, depending on your personal preference. Prioritize comfort over fashion, as you’ll be spending time relaxing and rejuvenating in the spa environment. Remember to bring a cover-up or a robe for when you’re not in the water and a towel to dry off after your spa experiences.

Kids and Teens

Casual Clothing for Daytime

For children and teenagers onboard a Carnival cruise ship, casual clothing is perfect for daytime activities and adventures. Choose comfortable and practical clothing for your little ones, such as t-shirts, shorts, or skirts. Opt for fabrics that are easy to clean and allow for movement. Consider bringing light layers, such as cardigans or jackets, as temperatures can vary throughout the day. It’s also a good idea to pack a hat and sunscreen to protect young skin from the sun’s rays during outdoor activities.

Dressier Attire for Evening Activities

When it comes to evening activities for kids and teens, a slightly dressier attire is suitable. A nice shirt paired with trousers or khakis is perfect for boys, while girls can opt for a dress or a skirt paired with a cute blouse. It’s a great opportunity for children and teenagers to express their personal style and feel special during onboard events and parties. Encourage them to choose outfits that reflect their personality and make them feel confident and comfortable.

Theme Nights and Parties

Costumes or Themed Outfits

Carnival cruise ships are known for their exciting theme nights and parties, offering guests the chance to dress up in costumes or themed outfits. Follow the theme and get creative with your attire! Whether it’s a tropical luau, a disco night, or a pirate-themed party, there are endless possibilities for fun and unique outfits. You can choose to go all out with elaborate costumes or simply incorporate elements of the theme into your ensemble. Embrace the opportunity to have fun, connect with fellow passengers, and create memorable experiences.

Accessories and Props

To enhance your themed outfit and fully embrace the spirit of the theme nights and parties, don’t forget to accessorize with appropriate props and accessories. From leis and flower crowns for a tropical theme to disco ball necklaces and wigs for a disco night, accessories can take your look to the next level. Consider bringing items such as hats, masks, sunglasses, or headbands. Remember, details matter when it comes to theme nights and parties, so let your creativity shine through and join in on the festive atmosphere onboard the Carnival cruise ship.

In conclusion, dressing appropriately for various events and activities on a Carnival cruise ship ensures that you not only feel comfortable but also have the opportunity to showcase your personal style. From formal nights and smart casual evenings to casual days and themed parties, there are plenty of opportunities to dress up or down depending on the occasion. Remember to prioritize comfort, choose clothes that make you feel confident, and have fun embracing the cruise ship’s vibrant atmosphere. Bon voyage!

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