When Do Cruises Go To Alaska From Seattle

Have you ever wondered when you can embark on an enchanting cruise to Alaska from the vibrant city of Seattle? Well, you’re in luck! In this article, we will explore the timing and schedule of when these breathtaking cruises set sail. From the stunning sights of glaciers and fjords to the mesmerizing wildlife encounters, get ready to discover the perfect time to start your Alaskan adventure from the captivating city of Seattle. So, grab your sense of wonder and let’s dive into the world of Alaska cruises from Seattle!

Choosing the Right Time for an Alaskan Cruise from Seattle

Are you thinking about embarking on an exciting Alaskan cruise from Seattle? With stunning landscapes, incredible wildlife, and unique cultural experiences, Alaska has become a popular destination for cruise enthusiasts. But with so many options available, how do you choose the right time to go? In this article, we will explore several considerations you should keep in mind when deciding on the best time for your Alaskan adventure.

Consider the Cruise Season

The first factor to consider when planning your Alaskan cruise is the cruise season. Generally, Alaskan cruises from Seattle operate from May to September. The season usually starts in early May and ends in mid-September, allowing for a few months of prime cruising opportunities.

Weather Conditions

The weather conditions play a significant role in your overall cruise experience. While Alaska is known for its cold climate, the summer months offer milder temperatures, making it more comfortable for outdoor activities. July and August are considered the warmest months, with average temperatures ranging from 55°F to 75°F (13°C to 24°C). However, it’s important to note that weather in Alaska can be unpredictable, so packing layers and rain gear is essential.

Wildlife Viewing Opportunities

One of the highlights of an Alaskan cruise is the chance to see incredible wildlife in their natural habitat. From majestic whales to adorable bears, Alaska is teeming with wildlife. The best time to observe these creatures varies depending on the species you are interested in. For whale watching, May to September is ideal, as humpback whales, orcas, and minke whales are known to migrate to Alaskan waters during this time. Bears, on the other hand, are more active during the summer months, making July and August the prime time for bear sightings.

Availability of Activities

Another factor to consider when choosing the timing of your Alaskan cruise is the availability of activities. From glacier and iceberg sightseeing to hiking and wildlife tours, Alaska offers a wide range of experiences for every adventurer. However, some activities may be limited or even unavailable during certain months. If you have specific activities in mind, make sure to research whether they are offered during your chosen timeframe.

Special Events and Festivals

If you want to experience the vibrant Alaskan culture and immerse yourself in the local festivities, timing your cruise to coincide with special events and festivals is a great idea. The state of Alaska hosts numerous events throughout the summer, showcasing music, arts, and cultural traditions. Some notable events include the Alaska State Fair, the Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park Events, the Alaska Folk Festival, and the Midnight Sun Festival. Attending these events will give you a unique insight into the Alaskan way of life.

Cruise Season for Alaska from Seattle

Typical Start and End Dates

The Alaskan cruise season from Seattle typically starts in early May and ends in mid-September. This timeframe allows for optimal weather conditions and wildlife sightings. However, exact start and end dates may vary slightly depending on the cruise line and itinerary.

Duration of the Cruise Season

The cruise season for Alaska from Seattle spans approximately five months, providing ample opportunities for travelers to embark on their Alaskan adventure. From May to September, cruise ships ply the Alaskan waters, taking passengers on a breathtaking journey through the majestic landscapes.

Peak Season vs. Shoulder Season

The peak season for Alaskan cruises is generally from June to August. During these months, the weather is the warmest, making it ideal for outdoor activities and wildlife sightings. The shoulder season, which includes the months of May and September, offers slightly cooler temperatures but can also provide a more peaceful and less crowded experience.

Off-Season Cruises

For those seeking a more unique and off-the-beaten-path experience, off-season cruises are an option worth considering. Off-season cruises typically take place in May or September, when the weather may be cooler, but the prices and crowd levels are generally lower. These cruises can provide a more intimate and serene experience, perfect for travelers who prefer a quieter atmosphere.

Weather Considerations for Alaskan Cruises

Average Temperatures

When planning your Alaskan cruise, it is important to be aware of the average temperatures during your chosen time frame. In May and September, the average temperatures range from 40°F to 60°F (4°C to 15°C), while in June, July, and August, they range from 50°F to 70°F (10°C to 21°C). Layers are key to staying comfortable, as temperatures can vary throughout the day.

Rainfall and Precipitation

Alaska is known for its lush landscapes, and that is due in part to the significant amount of rainfall it receives. Rainfall and precipitation levels vary depending on the region and time of year. On average, the summer months experience less rainfall compared to spring and fall. However, it’s important to be prepared for rain at any time, as weather in Alaska can be unpredictable.

Daylight Hours

One of the unique aspects of an Alaskan cruise is the abundance of daylight during the summer months. In June, July, and August, Alaska experiences the phenomenon known as the “Midnight Sun,” where the sun remains above the horizon for nearly 24 hours a day. This extended daylight allows for more time to explore and appreciate the stunning scenery.

Climate Variations

Alaska is a vast state, and the climate can vary significantly from one region to another. Coastal areas tend to be milder and more humid, while inland regions experience colder temperatures, especially in the higher elevations. It’s important to consider the specific regions you plan to visit during your cruise and pack accordingly.

Wildlife Viewing Opportunities in Alaska


When you think of Alaskan wildlife, whales likely come to mind. Alaska’s coastal waters are home to a variety of whale species, including humpback whales, orcas, and minke whales. The best time to spot these magnificent creatures is from May to September when they migrate to Alaskan waters to feed and breed. Whale-watching excursions are a popular activity during Alaskan cruises and offer a chance to witness these gentle giants in their natural habitat.


Alaska is renowned for its bear population, with both black bears and grizzly bears calling the state home. For bear enthusiasts, the summer months of July and August offer the best opportunities to see these impressive creatures. As bears become more active in search of food during this time, you have a higher chance of observing them from a safe distance during shore excursions or guided tours.

Birds and Bald Eagles

Alaska boasts a rich birdlife dominated by bald eagles, the national symbol of the United States. The state’s diverse ecosystems provide a haven for various bird species, making it a paradise for birdwatchers. From seabirds like puffins and pelicans to migratory birds like sandhill cranes, you can enjoy a visual spectacle during your cruise. Keep your binoculars handy to spot these beautiful creatures in the sky and along the coast.

Sea Lions and Seals

Another highlight of an Alaskan cruise is the opportunity to observe sea lions and seals. These playful and curious marine mammals can be spotted lounging on rocky shorelines or swimming in the ocean. Keep an eye out for them during your cruise, particularly in areas where they gather in large colonies. Seeing these charming creatures up close is a memorable experience that will enhance your Alaskan adventure.

Availability of Activities during Alaskan Cruises

Glacier and Iceberg Sightseeing

One of the iconic features of an Alaskan cruise is the chance to witness stunning glaciers and icebergs. Glacier Bay National Park and Tracy Arm Fjord are two popular destinations that provide breathtaking views of glaciers calving into the sea. May to September is the prime time for glacier and iceberg sightseeing, as the higher temperatures during this period allow for better visibility and access to these magnificent natural wonders.

Hiking and Wildlife Tours

Alaska offers a plethora of hiking opportunities for nature enthusiasts. From gentle nature walks to more strenuous hikes, there are options for all fitness levels. The summer months are the ideal time to explore the scenic trails, as the weather is more favorable, and the landscapes are alive with wildlife and blooming wildflowers. Many cruise itineraries offer guided hikes and wildlife tours, providing an immersive experience in Alaska’s wilderness.

Fishing and Seafood Experiences

For those who enjoy angling, an Alaskan cruise provides an excellent opportunity to test your fishing skills. Alaska’s waters are teeming with various fish species, including salmon, halibut, and trout. Joining a fishing excursion during your cruise allows you to try your hand at catching your own fresh seafood. Whether you are an experienced angler or a beginner, fishing in the pristine waters of Alaska is an experience you won’t forget.

Cultural and Historical Visits

Alaska is home to a diverse indigenous population with rich cultural traditions. During your cruise, you can visit native villages and cultural centers to learn about the history, art, and traditions of the Alaskan Native people. From totem pole carvings to traditional dance performances, these cultural visits offer a unique glimpse into Alaska’s heritage. Be sure to check your cruise itinerary for any planned cultural excursions or onboard cultural activities.

Special Events and Festivals in Alaska

Alaska State Fair

The Alaska State Fair, held annually in Palmer, Alaska, is a vibrant celebration of the state’s agricultural heritage and community spirit. The fair features exciting events such as livestock shows, agricultural exhibitions, live music performances, and a wide range of delicious food vendors. If your Alaskan cruise coincides with the fair, attending this event will provide a fun and immersive cultural experience.

Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park Events

Learn about Alaska’s gold rush history by visiting the Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park in Skagway, Alaska. Throughout the summer, the park hosts various events and educational programs that offer insights into the challenging yet exhilarating times of the gold rush era. Immerse yourself in the stories of the past and gain a deeper understanding of the Alaskan frontier spirit.

Alaska Folk Festival

For music lovers, the Alaska Folk Festival is a must-visit event. Taking place annually in Juneau, Alaska, this festival celebrates the diverse folk music traditions of the state. Performers from across Alaska come together to showcase their talents in a week-long celebration of music, dance, and storytelling. Attending the Alaska Folk Festival during your cruise will give you a unique cultural experience filled with toe-tapping melodies and authentic Alaskan spirit.

Midnight Sun Festival

If you find yourself in Fairbanks, Alaska, during the summer solstice, be sure to check out the Midnight Sun Festival. Held on the longest day of the year, this festival is a lively celebration of the Midnight Sun phenomenon. Enjoy live music performances, local cuisine, arts and crafts vendors, and a vibrant parade that showcases the vibrant spirit of this unique Alaskan community.

Seattle Ports for Departure

Port of Seattle

The Port of Seattle serves as the main departure point for Alaskan cruises from Seattle. It offers excellent facilities and services for cruise passengers, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable start to your journey. The port is conveniently located in downtown Seattle, allowing for easy accessibility from the city’s airports and nearby attractions.

Pier 66

Pier 66, also known as the Bell Street Pier Cruise Terminal, is one of the primary cruise terminals at the Port of Seattle. It is a modern and well-equipped facility that caters to various cruise lines, providing a comfortable embarkation experience for passengers. Pier 66 offers stunning views of the Seattle skyline, creating a picturesque setting as you embark on your Alaskan adventure.

Pier 91

Pier 91, also known as the Smith Cove Cruise Terminal, is another popular departure point for Alaskan cruises. Offering spacious facilities and modern amenities, it provides a seamless embarkation process for passengers. Located just a short distance from downtown Seattle, Pier 91 offers convenient access to nearby hotels, shopping centers, and tourist attractions.

Cruise Terminal Facilities

Both Pier 66 and Pier 91 boast excellent facilities and services designed to enhance the cruise experience. From check-in counters and baggage services to duty-free shopping and dining options, these terminals ensure that passengers have everything they need before setting sail. Additionally, transportation options, including shuttles and taxis, are readily available for convenient travel to and from the cruise terminals.

Popular Cruise Lines from Seattle to Alaska

Carnival Cruise Line

Carnival Cruise Line offers a variety of itineraries for Alaskan cruises departing from Seattle. Known for their fun and lively atmosphere, Carnival’s ships provide a vibrant onboard experience with a range of entertainment options, dining venues, and activities for all ages. Whether you’re traveling with family or friends, Carnival Cruise Line offers a memorable Alaskan adventure.

Norwegian Cruise Line

Norwegian Cruise Line offers an array of Alaskan cruise options departing from Seattle. Their modern and innovative ships are designed to provide passengers with a flexible and personalized vacation experience. With a focus on freestyle cruising, Norwegian Cruise Line offers a wide selection of dining options, onboard entertainment, and exciting shore excursions to enhance your Alaskan journey.

Royal Caribbean International

Royal Caribbean International is another popular choice for Alaskan cruises from Seattle. With their innovative ships and a wide range of amenities, Royal Caribbean offers a memorable and adventurous cruise experience. From onboard rock climbing walls to Broadway-style shows, there is never a dull moment when sailing with Royal Caribbean. Their itineraries include stops at scenic Alaskan ports, allowing you to immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of the Last Frontier.

Holland America Line

Holland America Line is renowned for its Alaskan cruises, providing passengers with an elegant and immersive experience. With a focus on comfort and exceptional service, their ships offer a blend of classic elegance and modern amenities. From gourmet dining options to enriching onboard activities and cultural experiences, Holland America Line ensures a memorable journey through the stunning landscapes of Alaska.

Itinerary Options for Alaska Cruises from Seattle

Inside Passage Cruise

An Inside Passage cruise takes you through the pristine waterways of Alaska’s southeastern coast. This scenic route showcases Alaska’s stunning landscapes, including majestic fjords, towering glaciers, and picturesque coastal towns. On an Inside Passage cruise, you can expect to visit ports such as Ketchikan, Juneau, and Skagway, each offering unique experiences and opportunities for outdoor adventures.

Glacier Bay Cruise

A Glacier Bay cruise provides an unforgettable opportunity to witness the power and beauty of Alaska’s glaciers. As you navigate through icy waters, you will be treated to breathtaking views of massive glaciers calving into the sea. Glacier Bay National Park is a highlight of this itinerary, allowing you to get up close to these impressive natural wonders while learning about the region’s ecology and geology.

Tracy Arm Fjord Cruise

Embarking on a Tracy Arm Fjord cruise takes you through a narrow fjord surrounded by towering mountains, cascading waterfalls, and stunning glaciers. Tracy Arm Fjord offers unparalleled beauty, and the cruise offers the chance to witness the Sawyer Glaciers calving into the icy waters. This itinerary provides a close encounter with the wonders of Alaska’s wilderness, allowing for breathtaking photo opportunities and unforgettable memories.

Yukon Territory Expedition

For those seeking a more adventurous and off-the-beaten-path experience, a Yukon Territory Expedition is an excellent option. This itinerary takes you beyond Alaska’s coastline and into the wild landscapes of Canada’s Yukon Territory. Explore the Klondike Gold Rush region, visit historic towns like Dawson City, and marvel at the untamed beauty of the Yukon’s mountains and rivers. A Yukon Territory Expedition provides a unique perspective on the history and natural splendor of the Alaskan and Canadian wilderness.

Booking Tips for an Alaskan Cruise from Seattle

Advance Booking

To secure your preferred cabin and itinerary, it is advisable to book your Alaskan cruise in advance. Popular cruise lines and itineraries tend to fill up quickly, especially during peak season. By booking early, you can also take advantage of early booking promotions and secure the best possible fares.

Flexible Dates

If you have flexibility in your travel dates, consider booking your Alaskan cruise during the shoulder season or off-season. These times may offer lower fares and fewer crowds, allowing for a more intimate and affordable experience. Additionally, being flexible with your dates can help you align your cruise with special events or desired activities.

Consideration of Shore Excursions

When booking your Alaskan cruise, take some time to research the shore excursions offered at each port of call. Shore excursions allow you to immerse yourself in the local culture, explore the wilderness, and take part in thrilling activities. Consider the types of excursions available and choose those that align with your interests and desired experiences.

Research and Reviews

Before finalizing your booking, it’s essential to do thorough research and read reviews of the cruise line, ship, and itinerary you are considering. Reading reviews will provide insight into the quality of service, onboard amenities, and overall experiences of past passengers. Pay attention to feedback regarding customer service, cleanliness, and the specific itinerary you are interested in.

Choosing the right time for an Alaskan cruise from Seattle is the key to maximizing your enjoyment and experiencing all that this magnificent region has to offer. By considering factors such as the cruise season, weather conditions, wildlife opportunities, availability of activities, and special events, you can make an informed decision that suits your preferences and interests. Remember to book in advance, remain flexible, and conduct thorough research to ensure a smooth and memorable Alaskan cruise experience. Bon voyage!

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