Will more BIG CUTS RUIN your cruise with Norwegian (NCL)?

Hey there! Welcome to Cruise with Grant, where we discuss all things Norwegian Cruise Lines. In today’s video, I’ll be diving into some of the unexpected cutbacks that you might encounter on your upcoming cruise with Norwegian. Although Norwegian Cruise Lines faced challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, they have currently been showing over a hundred percent occupancy rates. Despite this, they have recently made more big cuts that will impact cruises across their entire fleet. I’ll provide you with all the information you need to know to help you decide how these changes might affect your upcoming cruise with Norwegian. From changes in dining rooms and service charges to entertainment, Norwegian has already made a slew of changes this year to help reduce costs. However, what struck a chord for many cruise enthusiasts were the cuts made to some of their popular Broadway musicals, such as Kinky Boots and Priscilla Queen of the Desert. To make matters worse, Norwegian recently announced another round of cuts, affecting nine of their 18 ships. This means that almost 50% of their entire fleet will have reduced entertainment options. Some of the notable cuts include shows like Footloose and Six, which will no longer be available on the Norwegian Joy, Breakaway, and Bliss. Between August 2023 and February 2024, these changes will take place, leaving only a limited number of musicals, such as Jersey Boys and Million Dollar Quartet, still in operation. Alongside these entertainment changes, I also want to share with you some dining cutbacks that I personally experienced on my recent cruise aboard the Norwegian Breakaway. One of my favorite dishes, the baked salmon served on the first night of the cruise, was replaced with a less tasty tilapia. The availability of salmon throughout the rest of the cruise was also significantly reduced, with only limited options, particularly in the buffet breakfast. Furthermore, the substitution of milk or cream with Coffee-Mate for coffee and tea was quite disappointing. These changes in the dining experience and entertainment offerings have raised questions about the perception and luxury experience that Norwegian Cruise Lines aims to offer. So, based on these cutbacks, does it affect your perception of Norwegian or your likelihood of booking an upcoming cruise with them? Let me know in the comments below!

Will more BIG CUTS RUIN your cruise with Norwegian (NCL)?

Changes in Entertainment Offerings

Broadway musicals that have been cut

Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) recently made some significant cutbacks to their entertainment offerings, including the removal of several popular Broadway musicals. Some of the casualties include Kinky Boots on Norwegian Encore, Priscilla Queen of the Desert on Norwegian Epic, and the dinner show Velvet on Norwegian Breakaway. These shows were beloved by passengers and added a touch of glamour and excitement to the cruise experience. It’s unfortunate that these shows have been cut, and it leaves passengers wondering if NCL plans to replace them with other headliner-type shows in the future.

Recent round of cuts to entertainment offerings

In addition to the removal of Broadway musicals, NCL announced another round of cuts to their entertainment offerings. This time, the cuts will affect nine out of their 18 ships, which accounts for 50% of their entire fleet. Some of the shows that will be cut include Swing on the Norwegian Gem, Velvet on Norwegian Jewel, The Bert Bacharach tribute “What The World Needs Now” on the Norwegian Star, and World Beat on the Norwegian Spirit. The most significant cuts, however, are Footloose, which will be leaving the Norwegian Joy, and Six, which will be leaving both the Norwegian Breakaway and the Bliss. These changes are set to be implemented between August 2023 and February 2024. Although some shows will remain, such as Jersey Boys on Norwegian Bliss and Summer: The Donna Summer Musical on Norwegian Prima, the overall reduction in entertainment options is disappointing for passengers who looked forward to a diverse lineup of shows during their cruise.

Impacted ships and the shows being cut

The recent round of cuts will affect nine out of NCL’s 18 ships, which is a significant portion of their fleet. The impacted ships include the Norwegian Gem, Norwegian Jewel, Norwegian Star, Norwegian Spirit, NCL Dawn, Norwegian Joy, Norwegian Breakaway, and the Bliss. Unfortunately, some of the most beloved shows will be cut as a result of these changes. Footloose, a crowd-favorite, will no longer be performed on the Norwegian Joy, while Six, a hit musical, will be leaving both the Norwegian Breakaway and the Bliss. These cuts are a blow to passengers who had booked cruises specifically to experience these shows, and it may impact their overall satisfaction with NCL.

Impact on Dining Experience

Removal of favorite dishes

In addition to the cuts in entertainment offerings, NCL has made changes to the dining experience that may disappoint some cruisers. One of the most notable changes is the removal of favorite dishes from the menu. For example, on the Norwegian Breakaway, a popular baked salmon dish that was served on the first night of the cruise has been replaced with a less appetizing tilapia. This change is disheartening for passengers who enjoyed the salmon and looked forward to starting their cruise with this delicious meal. The removal of beloved dishes can significantly impact the overall dining experience and leave passengers feeling disappointed.

Replacing salmon with less appetizing alternatives

Not only has NCL removed favorite dishes, but they have also replaced them with less appetizing alternatives. In the case of the salmon dish, it has been substituted with tilapia, which many passengers find to be a less flavorful and less satisfying option. This change is puzzling, considering NCL’s efforts to market themselves as a luxury experience. Salmon is a common and popular choice among cruise passengers, so its absence from the included meals is confusing and may lead to dissatisfaction among guests.

Decreased availability of salmon

In addition to the removal of salmon from certain menus, NCL has also decreased its overall availability throughout the ship. Previously, passengers could find smoked salmon in the main buffet during breakfast, which was a delightful treat to enjoy with cream cheese and bagels. However, this has been replaced with a salmon mousse that only includes small bits of smoked salmon on top. The only place where passengers can still find salmon without paying extra is in the main dining room on sea days during breakfast. This reduction in availability is disappointing for those who enjoy salmon and expected it to be readily accessible during their cruise.

Cheap alternatives for milk and cream

Another aspect of the dining experience that has seen cutbacks is the availability of milk and cream. Previously, passengers could expect to have milk or cream served with their coffee and tea. However, NCL has now replaced this with Coffee-Mate, a hydrogenated oil product that aims to simulate dairy. While milk is still available upon request, getting cream for coffee or tea now requires waiting for someone to fetch it from the buffet, a process that can take up to 30 minutes. This change feels cheap and incongruous with the luxury experience that NCL aims to provide. It may frustrate passengers and impact their perception of the overall dining experience on board.

Reflection on Norwegian’s Brand Perception

Confusion over the cutbacks

The recent cutbacks by NCL have left many passengers confused and questioning the decision-making behind them. The removal of popular Broadway musicals and beloved dishes, as well as the implementation of cheap alternatives, has sparked confusion among passengers. These cutbacks seem at odds with NCL’s reputation as a luxury brand, and it’s essential for the company to address these concerns to maintain a positive brand perception.

Impact on the perception of luxury experience

The cutbacks in entertainment offerings and the dining experience have the potential to impact the perception of NCL as a luxury cruise line. Passengers who booked NCL cruises with the expectation of a high-end experience may feel let down by the reduction in entertainment options and the substitution of less appetizing dishes. These changes may lead to a reevaluation of NCL’s positioning in the market and raise questions about whether their cruises still provide the level of luxury that passengers desire.

Effect on likelihood to book future cruises

The changes made by NCL in their entertainment offerings and dining experience can have a significant impact on passengers’ likelihood to book future cruises with the company. Many passengers choose cruises based on the quality and variety of shows and the dining options available. If NCL continues to make cutbacks that reduce the overall experience, it may deter passengers from booking with them in the future. Maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction is crucial for cruise lines to retain loyal customers and attract new ones.


The recent cutbacks in entertainment offerings and the dining experience by Norwegian Cruise Line have raised concerns among passengers. The removal of popular Broadway musicals, substitution of favorite dishes with less appetizing alternatives, and the implementation of cheap alternatives for milk and cream have left passengers feeling disappointed and questioning NCL’s commitment to providing a luxury experience. These cutbacks may impact the perception of NCL’s brand and influence the likelihood of passengers booking future cruises with the company. It is vital for NCL to address these concerns and strive to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction to ensure the continued success of their cruises.

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